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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by anytiger, Jun 11, 2008.

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    I have a WRT54GL, and I'm running Tomato 1.17. I have QoS set up, and it seemed to be working properly for some time. However, now, it seems to stop working after about an hour of high P2P load.

    Here's my testing scenario:
    No downloads, no downstream activity
    Seeding a couple of files on Bittorrent

    At first, the router successfully allocates most of the upstream bandwidth to Bittorrent, but reserves a certain amount for web traffic, DNS, etc. so I'm able to browse the web as usual.

    However, if I leave it in that state for maybe an hour or so and come back, QoS no longer seems to work. The router doesn't seem to make any room for web traffic, and it's practically impossible to browse the web.

    My Settings:
    Highest: 80-100%
    High: 5-100%
    Medium: 4-100%
    Low: 3-100%
    Lowest: 2-95%
    Class A: 1-80%
    Class B: 1-50%

    TCP Dest 80,443 (0-512KB): High
    TCP Dest 80,443 (512+KB): Medium
    TCP/UDP IPP2P: BitTorrent: A
    TCP/UDP Dest 53 (0-2KB): Highest
    TCP/UDP From: <myip>, Dest 1024-65535: Low
    TCP/UDP Dest 1024-65535: B

    Here's what I've checked:
    - I'm on a wired connection, not wireless
    - On basic settings, I reduced Max bandwidth from 600kb/s all the way down to 400 kb/s, but no effect. Bear in mind, even at 600kb/s max bandwidth, the bandwidth meter showed "Lowest" or "A" traffic saturating the pipe.
    - I checked "View Graphs" and confirmed that "Lowest" or "A" traffic is saturating the pipe, while "High" (web) traffic has practically no allocation, even though I am attempting to surf the web.
    - Conntrack Max connections is at 2048. "Count current" shows 200 or so

    If I reboot the router, the P2P traffic quickly comes back up to full steam, but QoS works properly again for some time. I have confirmed this in the "View Graphs" page.

    Any help much appreciated!
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