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question - re wrt54gl 1st time user

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by juggy2, May 3, 2007.

  1. juggy2

    juggy2 Guest

    Hi i am replacing a d link 6214 with a linksys wrt54gl - its on its way today
    stupid question - can i just use the gui in the linksys firmware to reflash with hyperwrt and what version / line of firmware should i be using? thibor?

    Followup question - my linux knowledge is limited - is a gui included with hyperwrt? or is it possible to install a gui - i have seen a few in a google search - what is the best route to go
  2. Thibor

    Thibor Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    you should install the Gv3 version, as it's directly compatible with the GL. there is a GUI, it looks just like the default web interface; but with some extra goodies.
    as for which firmware you should use, that's a pure matter of chioice as there are a number of very good firmware's around now. just do some reading here in the forums and decide for yourself.
    Tomato is getting a lot of praise; i haven't used it myself but i understand that it's very good.

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