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Questions about WDS with WRT54G

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by wrt54gs, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. wrt54gs

    wrt54gs Network Guru Member

    I want to build WDS with WRT54 flashed with 3rd firmware. But I don't know if WDS must be built between WRT54G/S ?


    10Mbps<---Internet<---->WRT54G/S<----WDS--->Any wireless Router ?<---WDS--->---........


    10Mbps<---Internet<---->any wireless Router<----WDS--->WRT54G/s<---WDS--->---........

    Sorry I could not upload PIC.

    Q1: Could I build WDS between WRT54G/S and another brand Router? Such as Dlink or Netgear etc.

    Q2: Could I connect many clients with the 2nd Router by wired or wireless?

    Q3: If internet Bandwidth is 10 Mbps then 2nd router could share
    5Mbps ,Right ? That means the top download speed in 2nd router is
    5Mpbs even though 1st router have no client ? Then Does the 3rd Router has 2.5Mbps bandwidth .....................

    Q4: how about the bandwidth of 1st Router whatever 2nd Router is open or not ?

    Q5: Except WDS , Does you have another good way to expand distance but will not cut off bandwidth . How about Client mode ?

    Q6: which firmware is better to build WDS ?

    Thanks very much .
  2. wrt54gs

    wrt54gs Network Guru Member

    No one could give some advice? :(

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