[Quickvpn] The Quest Has Ended..

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by DocLarge, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    It is with great pleasure that I say my quest for quickvpn connectivity has come to an end because it now works as it should have when I bought this damn router last year :).

    Quickvpn now connects "on demand," and I'm able to use all of the 50 clients for vpn after purchasing the 50 client upgrade user license. You may not believe this, but I "finally" talked to a stateside linksys support technician (my upgrade wasn't working at first). The only reason I think this happened is because the guy I started off with in India wasn't familiar with the quickvpn 50 user license upgrade, so he sent me to Croatia next, and that tech didn't know either, so he ended up calling this guy in California. When I heard the american sounding accent, I thought it was somebody in the phillipines, but the guy said, "Nope, I'm located in California." Woo-Hoo!! What an awesome ending to my quickvpn adventure!!

    Well, I was in such a rush that (this is a first) I forgot to set the router back to factory default after upgrading the firmware. The tech just happened to mention that, I did it, and now quickvpn and the wrv54g are the products I paid for!!!

    I've also throw together a quick checklist on reasons quickvpn might not connect utilizing one or two new findings from some of the other forum members. Toxic should be posting it in a little bit..

    Ahh yes, life is now good. As always, follow the instructions to the letter and you will all join me in quickvpn utopia...

  2. jlmartinjr

    jlmartinjr Network Guru Member

    Just trying not to reinvent the wheel

    Congrats on having the only WRV54G to work properly
    I just want to verify that you ended up runining firmware version

    Your effort and persistence is greatly appreciated,
    Thanks you
  3. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member


    in the end, the firmware that ships with the 50 user client license upgrade is 2.37E.

    If you've been out of the WRV54G mix for a while, more people are connecting now than ever because a guidline now exists (it's posted on the linksysinfo.org homepage). Additionally, the quickvpn setup rules work for "every" firmware version from 2.36.5 up to 2.38. I've sent another list of things to look for to toxic to post as a sticky, but give me a second and I'll just post them as a "new" topic.

    Just check out the link below if you haven't already; as of today, I'm "far" from being the only person who's able to connecte with quickvpn.

    Hope you didn't trash your WRV54g like a lot of people did, this device is about to be "the" talk as it should have been when it came out!!!


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