Radio power tweak ????

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by romanov, May 10, 2005.

  1. romanov

    romanov Network Guru Member

    Hello all...

    Im just wondering that WRT54G can be tweak to really awesome RF power
    Output, about 0 to 251mW but, i just read few post that say it will burn up
    the IC or Cip or whatever inside the device.So do you guy have some solution to survive at high power setting, like adding the heatsink to part
    that prone to burn, make tweak adding fan or something... anyone that have an experience plz help...???? if you could, plz make note on the part
    that will getting hot if i a change the power transmit value...
    Thank alot ... for any post ...
  2. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    just slap a fan on thee and crack it upto what ever you want and that should keep it cool. dont worry to much about burning the thing up. though run it at 80mw and feel if it getting hot. if not then you are safe.

    though a fan would help i have a heatsink/fan combo on my wrt54gv2
  3. davidsonf

    davidsonf Network Guru Member

    Generally, there isn't much point in running it at 251 mW output, or for that matter at anything above maybe about 112 mW.

    Connections are two-way, and increasing the transmit power to extend the transmit range farther than the receive range has no value. The default power at 28 mW is roughly a good match for most wifi Clients. Doubling the power adds 3 dB, and a 6 dB increase (4x power) generally just about doubles the range of the transmit signal.

    If the default 28 mW output results in just about the right power to match the transmit range to the receive range, then 112 mW will merely make the transmit range twice what the receive range is. However, it is probably not uncommon for the transmit and receive paths to be 3 dB different, so setting the power to 56 mW probably does help fairly often.

    But the path difference is probably rarely ever as much as 6 dB, so setting 112 mW is rarely ever going to actually be useful. And getting another 3 dB, by setting to 224 mW is pretty much guaranteed to be wasted.

    However, obviously if two WRT54G units are used as a point to point link and both have the output set to 251 mW,
    there definitely is an extended range advantage in that last 3 dB of power.
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