radvd 1.10.0 for Tomato Need Update?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by ctgcvs, May 7, 2014.

  1. ctgcvs

    ctgcvs Networkin' Nut Member

    Dear all
    I watch radvd has new 1.10.0 verion and last Update time is Mar 18, 2014
    on this web which http://www.litech.org/radvd/

    I use Tomato Firmware v1.28.0500.5 for RT-N66U.
    It's radvd version 1.8.1 on Tomato Firmware v1.28.0500.5

    I did not know Update it make Tomato will better
    If can be better,have someone update it on Tomato?

    It's change log below
    2014/03/18 release 1.10.0

    2014/03/12 dropped --singleprocess option completely
    cleaned up some spelling error in the man pages

    2014/03/05 6LoWPAN-ND (RFC6775) support <Bhadram>

    2014/02/28 Bug fix 1048653 - UnicastOnly option still sends multicast RA

    2014/01/10 use -no-strict-aliasing

    2013/11/20 Fixed attempt to get multiple values in an ioctl
    improved logging of hardware type

    2013/11/17 AdvSendAdvert was being ignored in some cases <Babel>

    2013/10/02 releasing 1.9.5
    minor fix in IPv6 forwarding setting check <akarl10>

    2013/10/01 releasing 1.9.4

    2013/09/24 Added a Makefile target to generate hashes and a gpg signature

    2013/09/07 Netlink processing fix <Nathan Hintz>
    Correction in IPv6 forwarding setting check <Anand Kumria>
    fix for kernels with no NETLINK_NO_ENOBUFS defined <Sedat Dilek>

    2013/04/13 Force UnicodeOnly if IFF_MULTICAST is unavailable
    Remove check for IFF_BROADCAST since it isn't used

    2013/03/14 Fix for systems without sysctl.h from vapier
    Updating to version 1.9.3
    release 1.9.3

    2013/03/04 radvdump MTU and route fix by Jean-Jacques

    2012/11/20 Replaced pekkas@netcore.fi with reubenhwk@gmail.com
    Normalized dates in CHANGES to YYYY/MM/DD
    release 1.9.2

    2012/10/11 Fix in Makefile.am for parallel builds

    2012/06/19 Removing AC_C_CONST from configure

    2012/06/19 Fixing bashism '==' in configure
    Updating to 1.9.1 and releasing

    2012/06/14 Version 1.9 release

    2012/06/02 Fixing Dabian bug #634485 (GheRivero)

    2012/04/10 Using libdaemon
    bumping version to 1.9

    2012/02/22 include the prefix option in the RA packets even when
    AdvPreferredLifetime equals 0, and set AdvPreferredLifetime
    as user specified(zero). Li Wei <lw@cn.fujitsu.com>

    2012/02/07 NETLINK_NO_ENOBUFS set on netlink socket to prevent
    endless error loop. Patch by Ulrich Weber

    2012/01/25 PID in PID file is now correct

    2012/01/21 1.8.4 released

    2012/01/12 renaming configure.in to configure.ac
    removing CVS keywords

    2012/01/07 Always do privsep on linux. Validate the PID file contents.

    2011/11/02 Adding --nodaemon option

    2011/10/14 1.8.3 release

    2011/10/08 More careful checking of iface name

    2011/10/06 Updating buffer usage tracking in send_ra to track buffer usage BEFORE
    the buffer is used rather than after in order to prevent buffer overflow

    2011/10/06 1.8.2 release

    2011/10/04 1) A privilege escalation flaw was found in radvd, due to a buffer overflow
    in the process_ra() function. ND_OPT_DNSSL_INFORMATION option parsing
    "label_len" was not checked for negative values, leading to a "suffix"
    buffer overflow which can lead to privilege escalation, at least if
    radvd is compiled without GCC's stack protection. If radvd is invoked
    without privilege separation (the -u option), this can lead to an
    escalation to root privileges. Note: Red Hat Enterprise Linux starts
    radvd by default with the unprivileged user. (CVE-2011-3601)

    2) An arbitrary file overwrite flaw was found in radvd's
    set_interface_var() function, where it did not check the interface name
    (generated by the unprivileged user) and blindly overwrites a filename
    with a decimal value by the root process. If a local attacker could
    create symlinks pointing to arbitrary files on the system, they could
    overwrite the target file contents. If only radvd is compromised (e.g.
    no local access), the attacker may only overwrite files with specific
    names only (PROC_SYS_IP6_* from radvd's pathnames.h). (CVE-2011-3602)

    3) The radvd daemon would not fail on privsep_init() errors, which could
    cause it to run with full root privileges when it should be running as
    an unprivileged user. (CVE-2011-3603)

    4) A number of buffer overread flaws were found in radvd's process_ra()
    function due to numerous missed len() checks. This can lead to memory
    reads outside of the stack, resulting in a crash of radvd.

    5) A temporary denial of service flaw was found in radvd's process_rs()
    function, where it would call mdelay() on the same thread in which it
    handled all input. If ->UnicastOnly were set, an attacker could cause a
    flood with ND_ROUTER_SOLICIT and fill the input queue of the daemon.
    This would cause a brief outage of approximately MAX_RA_DELAY_TIME / 2 *
    sizeof_input_queue when handling new clients, where MAX_RA_DELAY_TIME is
    500ms, leading to delays of more than a minute. Note: this is only the
    case in unicast-only mode; there is no denial of service in the (normal,
    default) anycast mode. (CVE-2011-3605)

    2011/08/19 uClibc has no ifaddrs.h patch by Lonnie
    slight changes to debugging output when receiving ra's and rs's
  2. Edrikk

    Edrikk Network Guru Member

    Tomato doesn't use radvd anymore. It uses dnsmasq.
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