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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Billmac, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. Billmac

    Billmac Network Guru Member

    I have been unable to use the linksys range extender. Run XPwith SP2, set firewall off. Turned off Norton firewall (but not antivirus). With WEP on or off software reports that WRE54G is not present (placed it in next room and tried next to the linksys router). With WEP off I tried the automatic setup button, link light turns briefly blue then red again, software does not pick up the extender. I need to boost the signal in the attic. Will try antenna upgrade but since I have 2 range extenders I'd like to set up at least one. Any ideas? --Bill Using WRT54G router
  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Do you have SSID broadcast enabled on your WRT54G. Have it enabled and remove your encryption temporarly but keep the SSID broadcase enabled. If you have MAC address filtering enabled, you must add the MAC address of your WRE54G to the list of enabled PCs to access the router to get it to work. Make certain that your WRT54G has at least firmware version 2.02.2. Reset your WRE54G by pressing the reset button for thirty seconds and then use the setup wizard or the autoconfiguration button on the WRE54G. I use the auto-configuration button and both LEDs should blink blue. If there are any otheraccess points in your area, it may be the cause of your problem. You should the use your Web Browser and type in the default IP Address of and type in "admin" in lower-case as the password. You should set a new password on your WRE54G and press the save button. You can change the encryption at this point and save your settings. Make ceratin you copy the correct WEP key and use only the first WEP key. If you want to use WPA-PSK upgrade your firmware on your WRE54G to at least version 1.04.17. Refresh the Wep Support Page for the download, since sometimes the older version shows.

    The WRE54G has two downsides, first it defeats MAC address filtering, since it resends the packets with its own MAC address in the packets. The second downside is that since it only has one radio and must receive and send the packets it halves the bandwidth of you network.
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