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re:Satori 4.0 - non standard client mode

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Oct 10, 2004.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Well after a little hacking, I got to a configuration that I works for me so I am stopping here.
    All 5 ports (the LAN plus WAN) are active with DHCP and multiple clients working.

    My current setup is:
    internet - WRT54GV1.0 (linksys v2.04.4) ->air<- WRT54GV1.1 (Satori-4.0 v2.07.1.7sv) - multiple devices on hardwired ports

    Currently for multiple devices I have a Windows XP machine and a Dlink I2Eye

    Linksys v2.04.4 box configuration
    Setup - Basic setup
    Internet is DHCP
    Router IP=, mask=
    DHCP server enabled, Starting IP, maxusers=10
    Setup - Advanced
    Operating mode=Gateway
    1 static routes defined
    name=LanWanPorts, destination=, mask=, gate=
    Wireless - Basic setup
    Network Mode=G-only, SSID=linksys-g1
    Wireless - Security
    Wireless - MAC filter
    Permit only
    All three MAC addresses of Satori unit in list
    Wireless - Advanced wireless
    Authentication type=Shared Key
    Security - Firewall
    Not checked NAT redirection
    Applications & Gaming - Port range forward
    Application=I2eyeTCP, start=1720, end=1720, protocol=TCP, IP address=
    Application=I2eyeUDP, start=15328, end=15333, protocol=Both, IP address=

    Satori-4.0 box configuration
    Setup - Basic setup
    Internet is static IP=, mask=, gate=,
    Router IP=, mask=, gate=
    DHCP server Disabled (configured & started in startup commands later)
    (if you are following this configuration, leave DHCP server enabled @ until last step)
    Setup - Advanced
    Operating mode=RIP2 Router
    Dynamic Routing=Disabled
    Wireless - Basic setup
    Wireless Mode=Client, Network Mode=G-only, SSID=linksys-g1, IP associating=
    Wireless - Security
    Wireless - Advanced wireless
    Authentication type=Shared Key
    Security - Firewall
    block anonmous internet requests = unchecked
    Administration - Management
    turn on telnet (needed for last step, can be turned off once all is working)

    Here I join Lan and WAN ports, split Wireless off. This gives me 5 ports without an external hub.
    The netmasks force routing between Lan&Wan and the Wireless interfaces.
    I have reserved for static ips, and
    DHCP assigns
    In the startup configuration I have stored
    (watch out for wrapped lines in this display, like the "ifconfig" and some "echo"s which should be on one line, not two)

    sleep 10
    route del default gw `/usr/sbin/nvram get wan_gateway` eth0
    /usr/sbin/brctl addbr br1
    /usr/sbin/brctl addif br1 eth0
    /usr/sbin/brctl addif br1 eth1
    ifconfig eth0 up
    ifconfig eth1 up
    ifconfig br1 `/usr/sbin/nvram get wan_ipaddr` netmask `/usr/sbin/nvram get wan_netmask` broadcast up
    sleep 1
    echo pidfile /var/run/udhcpd2.pid >/tmp/udhcpd2.conf
    echo start >>/tmp/udhcpd2.conf
    echo end  >>/tmp/udhcpd2.conf
    echo max_leases 254   >>/tmp/udhcpd2.conf
    echo interface br1    >>/tmp/udhcpd2.conf
    echo remaining yes  >>/tmp/udhcpd2.conf
    echo auto_time 30  >>/tmp/udhcpd2.conf
    echo lease_file /tmp/udhcpd.leases >>/tmp/udhcpd2.conf
    echo statics_file /tmp/udhcpd2.statics >>/tmp/udhcpd2.conf
    echo option subnet `/usr/sbin/nvram get wan_netmask`  >>/tmp/udhcpd2.conf
    echo option router `/usr/sbin/nvram get wan_ipaddr`   >>/tmp/udhcpd2.conf
    echo option lease 300 >>/tmp/udhcpd2.conf
    echo option dns `/usr/sbin/nvram get wan_dns` >>/tmp/udhcpd2.conf
    echo 00:80:C8:1F:B6:46 I2eye >/tmp/udhcpd2.statics
    /usr/sbin/udhcpd  /tmp/udhcpd2.conf
    Telnet to box and do the folowing
    nvram set lan_ifnames="eth2 eth3 eth4"
    nvram set wan_ifnames="eth0 eth1"
    nvram set wan_ifname=br1
    nvram commit

    (disable DHCP in "Setup - Basic setup" if you have not done so already)
    power off/on and wait about 1 minute for the spanning tree protocol
    to figure out the lan&wan interfaces.

    I2eye network configuration
    DHCP or Static (both work), IP=, mask=, gate=
    Windows XP TCP/IP Configuration
    DHCP or Static (both work), IP=, mask=, gate=

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