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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by curley, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. curley

    curley Network Guru Member

    i have to be able to accept remote assistance through windows xp, from various users, whether they are behind a router or through windows firewall.

    what specifics should i know to be able to enable this function to work?

    if someone sends using microsoft outlook, will this work? or do they need to use msn messenger?

    i have enabled port 3389 for both udp and tcp on my router.

    thank you!
  2. rdhw

    rdhw Network Guru Member

    The main problem is at the other end, not yours. No special configuration is required at your end, apart from the ability to receive Windows Messenger messages. At the novice end, if they are behind a NAT router, then they must:
    (a) enable UPnP in the NAT router;
    (b) ensure that the SSDP discovery service is running in XP (this is the default);
    (c) ensure that they have enabled an Exception in Windows Firewall for "UPnP Framework"
    They can request assistance via e-mail or via Windows Messenger, but not by MSN Messenger.
    This is a mistake. You do not need any port-forwarding on your router.
  3. curley

    curley Network Guru Member

    this is a novice user, that is an elderly woman. she is going to attempt using dialup modem. we have both installed msn messenger 7.0 and are going that route, using remote assistance.

    if we still have a problem, then i will write back.

    your advice is great, but i don't fully comprehend it. a little over my head.

    "They can request assistance via e-mail or via Windows Messenger, but not by MSN Messenger."

    i am confused, why not MSN Messenger? i have read that this is the best method if there is issues with a connection using remote assistance. is windows messenger the utility used via outlook? can you explain further?

    thanks again for your assistance.
  4. rdhw

    rdhw Network Guru Member

    MSN Messenger does not support setting up Remote Assistance. You can initiate Remote Assistance sessions with Windows Messenger, which is supplied in every copy of XP.
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