Replacing 54GL, N300 Supported?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by spicoli, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. spicoli

    spicoli LI Guru Member

    What ho, gents!

    My 54GL is fading *pours 40oz*, and I'm looking for a new router. I've currently eyed the Belkin Share N300 (do note NOT Share Max) listed here. due to it's inexpensiveness. Was wondering if it supported by any builds? There's no real documentation on Belkin routers it seems. The Share Max "variant" is/was known to be supported by shibby's builds so I wanted to know this one's status, if any. Linksys' ye olde scheme of replacing and gimping models has me in fear of purchasing without research first.

    If you have a better suggestion for a nice, inexpensive N router don't feel afraid to show me up and out peasant me.
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  2. maurer

    maurer Network Guru Member

    from the hardware specs in dd-wrt code it should be supported by tomato shibby/toastman
    even on your link from amazon there are comments of tomato install :)
    so go ahead and buy it and flash tomato
  3. spicoli

    spicoli LI Guru Member

    Thank you masked poster.

    I did notice the Amazonian comments too but you know, a more concrete source was needed. Your URL is helpful, since now the internals have glazed my fading eyeballs. I take it the chipset is compatible though not officially listed. (UNLESS I'M REALLY MISSING SOMETHING HERE)
  4. Arghtastic

    Arghtastic Networkin' Nut Member

  5. spicoli

    spicoli LI Guru Member

    All is well. Got an F7D7302 on the latest Shibby build. Thank you community! May the seeds (of tomatoes) be with you.
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  6. wilsonhlacerda

    wilsonhlacerda Addicted to LI Member

    Hi spicoli! Can you please give us details of which file(s) have you used? Update process? Any special step that we should be aware of?

    Have you tried any other firmware beside Shibby's?

    Do you know if same apply to F7D7301?

  7. spicoli

    spicoli LI Guru Member


    This reply is super late, I know. I've been slaving away to make my Tomato router ripe. ;D

    As for the guide, I used this one here at the bottom due to the nature of the routers being very similar.

    I have not tried any other firmware but I will try Toastman's.

    As for if the same thing applies for the F7D7301, all signs point to yes.

    We need a new router database. :(
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