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Request for WRT54GS v2.1 CFE

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by PixeI, Dec 25, 2005.

  1. PixeI

    PixeI Guest

    I corrupted the CFE on my WRT54GS version 2.1. Could someone with this router send me a copy of the CFE (pixelonline@poczta.onet.pl)?

    My original CFE like that
          FSś  
    b       b/a2d4y0e=080708 "o!r$n5m=42 "o!r$r%v=0810 "o!r$f,a's=080318 "o!r$f,a's2=0 3r/m2e6=2 #l+f2e1=200 3d2a-_)n)t=08010" 3d2a-_#o.f)g=080062 3d2a-_2e&r%s(=0x0000 s$r!mn#d,=0x0 %t0m!c!d$r=00:90:4:60:00:2A e400h9a$d2=30 e40-d#p/r4=0 'p)o5=2o"or%s%t v,a.00o2t3=1 2 3 4 5* v,a.0(w.a-e=e40 v,a.10o2t3=0 5 6l!n1h7n!m%=%t0 7l0i$=0x4320 i,0-a#a$d2=00:90:4c:5&:00:2! !a0=3 !g0=255 0a0m!x0w2=0x4e p!0)t3s)t=62 0a0b0=0x15%b p!0"1=08f!82 0a0b2=0x&e66 w,0'p)o2=0 7l0g0i/3=0 c#t,=0 #c/d%=0 $lr!ma$d2=!0001000 o3_2a-_!d$r=80001000 /sf,a3ha$d2="f#40000 l!ni0a$d2= ,a._.e4m!s+= 3c2a4c(=!0180000 b/o4_7a)t=o&f w!t#h$o'=5000 b/o4n6_6e2=5
    ok CFE
     b       boardtype=0x0708 boardnum=42 boardrev=0x10 boardflags=0x0318 boardflags2=0 sromrev=2 clkfreq=200 sdram_init=0x000b sdram_config=0x0062 sdram_refresh=0x0000 sdram_ncdl=0x0 et0macaddr=00:90:4C:60:00:2A et0phyaddr=30 et0mdcport=0 gpio5=robo_reset vlan0ports=1 2 3 4 5* vlan0hwname=et0 vlan1ports=0 5 vlan1hwname=et0 wl0id=0x4320 il0macaddr=00:90:4c:5f:00:2a aa0=3 ag0=255 pa0maxpwr=0x4e pa0itssit=62 pa0b0=0x15eb pa0b1=0xfa82 pa0b2=0xfe66 wl0gpio2=0 wl0gpio3=0 cctl=0 ccode=0 dl_ram_addr=a0001000 os_ram_addr=80001000 os_flash_addr=bfc40000 lan_ipaddr= lan_netmask= scratch=a0180000 boot_wait=off watchdog=5000 bootnv_ver=2
    My cfe is like bad

    It's easy to get with a JTAG cable, or you can get it with "dd if=/dev/mtdblock/0 of=/tmp/cfe.bin" on most firmwares.

    Big Thanks!
    Regards PixeI

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