Returned WNDR4500 for RT-N66U questions about firmware.

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Rocky Grim, May 9, 2013.

  1. Rocky Grim

    Rocky Grim Networkin' Nut Member

    Hi guys,

    I returned my WNDR4500 for the ASUS RT-N66U. I was getting sick of Netgear routers. Mostly because of the LAN ports. It seams like the ethernet cables always have a lot of wiggle room. Like they are really sloppy. At least with my shielded cables. The ports on the ASUS are a lot tighter and snugger.

    A little while ago when I had the WNDR4500 I messaged Shibby to see if he was working on a build for it. He said he stopped working on it because he has the RT-N66U and has been playing with it. I am wondering what all builds are there for the RT-N66U? Is there any DD-WRT, OpenWRT, Gargoyle, or anything like that? I see Toastman has firmware for the RT-N66U which do you guys recommend? Should I use his RT-N-EXT build? For Shibby's builds I see he has quite a few different flavors. If I don't use torrent clients or VPN which build should I use?

  2. shibby20

    shibby20 Network Guru Member

    You have to use RT-N build. VPN is the smallest build of my buildtypes. Most people install AIO even if then don`t need all thoses features. Why? Because maybe they will need in the future. Disabled features = 0% load of CPU or Memory.

    For RT-N66u you have:
    - Tomato (Shibby, Victek, Toastman)
    - DD-WRT (doesn`t work for me)
    - AsusWRT (OFW)
    - RMerlin`s MOD (based on OFW)

    That`s all
  3. Rocky Grim

    Rocky Grim Networkin' Nut Member

    Thanks for your reply Shibby. I see Newegg has a 15% off coupon today EMCXRXL37
    their AC routers. I wonder if I would be better off returning the RT-N66U for the RT-AC66U instead? I can get the AC for what I spent for the N which is $152.99. Do you have a build that will work for the AC? I see RMerlin has one that is in beta.

    I have one desktop that will be connected via ethernet, a Vizio 3D TV and XBox 360 that will be wired and connected to a D-Link switch, two wireless laptops, and a Nexus 7 laptop. All devices are roughly 25 ft from the router with as many as 3 drywall walls in between.
  4. jerrm

    jerrm Network Guru Member

    No Tomato for the AC unit yet, although Shibby is looking at it, he has not even hinted at an ETA. If buying today, the RTN66U is the only option for Tomato.
  5. Rocky Grim

    Rocky Grim Networkin' Nut Member

    I wonder since they are the same price at the moment if I should get the AC and wait for tomato and just use RMelins builds? Don't they normally recommended gigabit wireless or wired connections for TV's and media devices? I don't think my Vizio 3D TV support gigabit via ethernet. I know it doesn't support gigabit wireless. It doesn't even have dual band wireless. It is a brand new TV that recently came out too. It came out roughly two months ago. What options do I have? I would like to be able to stream movies from my TV. I don't know anything about how to do it but I know my TV support DLNA which is suppose to be how you do it. Therefore, if a gigabit connection is recommended how would I get gigabit to the TV?
  6. jerrm

    jerrm Network Guru Member

    You don't need gigabit speeds for a single "client" endpoint (the TV). For some perspective, broadcast HD is about 20mbps, even Bluray maxes out at about 50mbps. Most non-broadcast/non-bluray HD runs less than 10mbps. Wired 100mbps fast ethernet should be fine.

    At the DLNA server end you could benefit from gigabit when streaming to multiple devices.

    Wireless is a bit of a different story, since it is shared bandwidth, the more headroom the better. However, that AC router is not likely to do much for you unless the client devices support AC. A decent wireless-n connection should handle a single HD stream without real problem, two is probably OK, three can get dodgy. Naturally it depends on how much other wireless traffic is occurring and signal quality. 5ghz is not really any better than 2.4ghz, with the exception (and it is significant) that there is less congestion and noise in the 5ghz band.
  7. Rocky Grim

    Rocky Grim Networkin' Nut Member

    Thanks a lot for your reply. I wasn't real sure about all that so I figured I would ask. When purchasing this TV streaming media from my PC was something I want to do. Now I just have to read up on how exactly to do it. There have been many times where I had a video saved to my PC and I was like man, I wish I could watch this from my bed lol. Thanks again for your help. I am just going to stick with the RT-N66U than since purchasing the AC unit will not help me in my current situation. Plus my internet is not even fast so buying one to give me full speed over wireless is not even going to help. I am on DSL 7mb/768kb. If I was on Comcast cable internet with speeds over 100mb then I would get the AC unit for the faster wireless speeds.
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