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RFlow and official Linksys Firmware?

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by Partizan, May 17, 2005.

  1. Partizan

    Partizan Network Guru Member


    I was wondering if RFlow works with official linksys firmware, because I have to run linksys beta 4.00.7 firmware or my wrt54g v2.2 will constantly disconnect.

    And from the screenshots, the RFlow ist the application I need.

    Regards, Partizan
  2. oWeRp

    oWeRp Network Guru Member

    it is not working.not implemented
  3. akumulator

    akumulator Network Guru Member

    And will it work with HyperWRT?
  4. XCOM7

    XCOM7 Network Guru Member

    No It will only work with DD-WRT as far as I know.RFlow is one of the best features of DD-WRT
  5. BrainSlayer

    BrainSlayer Network Guru Member

    that isnt true. you can naturally also compile rflow under other firmwares. but you need maybe the sources if the original binary wont work
  6. XCOM7

    XCOM7 Network Guru Member

    Thats why I said "as far as I know: ;)
    I stand corrected :)

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