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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by FNWMedia, Nov 12, 2005.

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    Hi there, altogether !
    I know that this question isn't new, but I'll ask it to this huge Linksys board anyway in hope to get some good answers from "insiders" that probably have the same needs than I do cause was unable to find any solution for my special problem, yet...
    OK, the point is that I want to run a nice small (DynDNS-based) server here at my home using the WRT54G router (V2.2). I've a quite "powerful ADSL line (2.048 KBit/s UPstream (!) and 512 KBit/s DOWNstream - no, I did not switch the roles !) and my ISP is QSC in Cologne (Germany).
    Unfortunately I was unable to find any firmware for my model with is really stable under heavy load :/ First I tried the original one from Linksys in various versions, but it was horrible instable: The router lost the internet connection several times a day even when not stressing the machine. After that I tested DD-WRT (multiple versions) which was already much better but still caused some disconnections or completely froze the router when I used my full line speed for several minutes. Finally I read here that HyperWRT seems to be rock-solid cause some users got more than 100 days uptime with it. So I also gave v2.0 and v2.1b1 a try. The results were even better - full speed for more than 30 mins without problems - but still not perfect.
    So now my question is: Is there any possibility to turn this (quite cheap) wireless router into a rock-solid component that fulfils the demanding needs of a (small !) server environment which needs to be up more than 99,9% of the time ? If not is there any (even non-wireless, I don't need that here) router out there that can do this job and offers build-in DynDNS support and Port forwarding for less than 100 Euros ?
    Anybody who also has such a "strong" line and already managed to run a stable (HTTP or FTP) server on it please let me know how you did so (router model, firmware, settings,...) !

    Thanks a lot for any reply - may it be positive or negative - already in advance !

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