Rosewill RNX-GX4

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by romanlegion, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. romanlegion

    romanlegion Networkin' Nut Member

    Please use •Tomato RAF 1.25.8515.2 ND firmware if you need to upgrade.. 8515 seems the only version that works with this router. Thanks btw, for the masterpiece :)

    DD-wrt works but I love the Tomato's WDS setup.

  2. danielhaden

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    Hi Andy! I have one of these as well.

    I'm trying to collect some data to expand its usefulness.

    So far. . .

    Wifi signal strength = set the country code to USA or Singapore or South Africa, but not Japan
    The "84mw" setting seems to work, but it has no bearing on actual output figures--testing was done by observing throughput instead.
    Disabling WMM improves performance on most wifi, and this is no exception.

    Upgrade antennas are problematic because diversity chip settings other than "Auto" tend to make the router a bit ill, and a bit hot. I've not been able to use large collinear either, except for using two of them cabled out with the small "magnet base" products. If direct attach, the radio goes a bit ill. So far, a pair of the common China +6 (same as Rosewill +5) DO work without errata.
    The router seems to occasionally randomize the A and B antenna ports on start-up.
    The problem hinders Dish and Yagi implementations. users have conquered the "hot" problem with Radio Shack's little aluminum to220 heatsink, jb-welded on, as well as cutting some larger vents; but the unit doesn't get hot when its not angry with its diversity chip; so, this heatsink business is a very indirect sort of band-aid fix, and longevity is not much changed.

    Problems with no Wan port (on some firmwares) are solved by issuing the following commands:
    nvram set vlan1ports="0 5"
    nvram commit
    It is in the commands section--don't enter it to any script section.
    This setting is unnecessary if your wan port works at all.
    It seems that this setting is erased if you set wan port to disable and wan port to lan checkbox

    Roaming with most version of Tomato, seems to work if set in vast compatibility mode:
    That is WPA2+WPA+AES+Tkip
    Terminology varies. This one has an easy clear cut menu for that setting.
    Of course, it would be same SSID, different channel, and only one of them acting as a router.
    And fast roaming does work, except for mac address conflict. . .

    Mac addresses of every Rosewill RNX-GX4 (Netcore NW618) are all set identically for every unit:
    Its necessary to re-set the MAC addresses whenever more than one of these is in use within a given network.
    The menu makes it easy.

    Successful Tomato Firmware includes:
    Tomato RAF 1.25.8515.2 ND Victek K24
    Tomato RAF 1.28.8515.2 ND Victek K24

    The unit has excellent performance with roaming and excellent when 1 unit is used for normal home use; however, "radio issues" make it less successful than Linksys GL for dish and yagi use. Purchase of 1 Rosewill RNX-GX4 and 2 of Rosewill +5 antennas (the common "China+6" rebranded) comes up a price that's not significantly different than a Linksys GL. So, if you have larger scale needs, you're not getting a bargain with Rosewill.

    Hardware that's similar to the Rosewill GNX-GX4 includes:
    Identical Netcore NW618 (same circuit board)
    Buffalo WHR-G125 (same chips)
    Asus WL-520gu (same chips)
    D-Link DIR-320 (same chips)
    Broadcom BCM5354KFBG = Corerev 13

    Basically, the Rosewill is "held up" by not being able to control A B antenna diversity chip action in a reliably consistent manner. As I bought it for an apartment and already had a pair of +6 in the desk drawer, I'm not disappointed. But, thank goodness I didn't buy it for a large house.
    The Rosewill should also work well in a condo, since the modest antennas that work best on it have broadcast pattern of ball or doughnut shape that can reach upstairs/downstairs nicely. It does also do the fast roaming and extender/repeater duties relatively well, although certainly not less costly per given size coverage area, given that its radio isn't as cooperative as expected.

    I've not yet tested with a Diversity-Chip-Ectomy surgery, since the circuit board layout isn't conducive to doing this easily--I'd have to install an output cap for the radio in order to avoid Rosewill/Netcore output filter overdo--much harder than knocking the diversity chip off a linksys to put antenna cable right there. However, dodging this mess will probably dodge the longevity problem as well.
    Although it would be nice to have firmware that's got more significant control of the radio features, the actual problem is electronic constipation of the wifi radio output due to an inappropriate mess located between the antenna(s) and radio.

    So, we need to have a Rosewill modding party and see how to knock that problem out.
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