Router Based Hot Spot Wireless Subscriber Gateway with WRT54

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by secure_wifi, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. secure_wifi

    secure_wifi Guest

    Hi.. Like many, I've been waiting for an inexpensive router based solution which I could implement efficiently and fast. The captive portal in Alchemy promises a good feature but it's still not easy to use yet. Further more, it doesn't have a AAA.

    Imagine now you have a Captive portal + advanced AAA, intuitive Web UI and different login account for Admin and Subscriber all squeezed into a router the size of our beloved Linksys WRT54G, plug and play that just works! I found that solution and have deployed in small F&B and free access communties with WRT54G running Satori as Wirelss Access Points flawlessly and easily. I've decided to carry this product.

    Check out the details here

    If you are interested in this, pm or email me. It's by far the only standalone solution (itself is a wirelss AP) I've found. I ship this worldwide for US$585+shipping and payment via Paypal. Email me at
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