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Router Mode - Disable Firewall / Allow Subnet Communication?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by cray54, Sep 28, 2013.

  1. cray54

    cray54 Reformed Router Member

    I have an RT-N16 router running DD-WRT SVN revision 21676 successfully. I want to switch it to TomatoUSB (Toastman build 1.28.7502.1 VLAN) to make specific use of the QoS features. This is a simplified layout with both devices having wired clients:

    DSL -- Netgear FVS338 (Gateway; -- RT-N16 (Router;
    Internet -- Subnet 1 -- Subnet 2

    My current setup has a static route in the FVS338 pointing from Subnet 1 to Subnet 2. In DD-WRT I basically just switched from "gateway mode" to "router mode" and disabled the SPI firewall. At that point I could easily communicate between subnets and have internet access.

    Is there a good solution to simply allow all traffic when in router mode?

  2. cray54

    cray54 Reformed Router Member

    Perhaps a more suitable way to ask the question is:

    Using an RT-N16 w/ TomatoUSB firmware, how do I allow devices on the WAN port to access the LAN devices when in router mode?

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