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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by gatorHeel, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. gatorHeel

    gatorHeel Guest

    I've added a Tomato device in front of a Netgear VPN (IPsec) firewall to add QoS.

    The Tomato device is configured in Routing mode and both the WAN connection and Netgear firewall are connected to ports on the LAN interface on Tomato.

    The Tomato device and Netgear device both have public IPs and the gateway of the Netgear is the WAN connection, not Tomato.

    In this configuration, I don't believe Tomato is doing any QoS?

    I've done a configuration similar to this with a PPPoE DSL connection that works great, the difference being that the WAN connection uses the WAN interface on Tomato, so the QoS was functioning.

    But in the current configuration, I believe everything is passing straight through Tomato without any QoS.

    Could anyone help me with how I should be configuring Tomato?

  2. belliash

    belliash Addicted to LI Member

    some time ago i have set QOS and it was working inside LAN (eg FTP was limited), so when i connected to local FTP server on another computer, the tranfer in LAN was terrible...

    in my opinion depends on QOS and its settings. What do You mean by QOS? Which one? Eg tomato modified by Victek has also QOS/MAC BW Limiter...
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