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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by dreamweaver3913, Jul 30, 2011.

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    Hi Everyone,

    New to the forums and my first post is kind of long but I have a unique situation (please bear with me :) ). I'm looking for some input on a router for my home use -

    My Internet usage will include: Web browsing, Internet Video Streaming to the HTPC (i.e. Netflix, Hulu, Boxee, etc.), and Large Downloads (from websites, i.e. Microsoft - I service computers out of my home and need to download Windows Updates often). I will also be connecting a 2.5" USB External Hard Drive that will contain music and photos for sharing with the other connected devices.

    I have attached a diagram showing how the network will be setup because I have a unique situation where the telephone line hosting the 6mb DSL is on a short wall in the apartment that has an opening on either side and so an ethernet cable can only be run on the ceiling to get to where all of the hard wired devices are (not a fan of the idea). Instead of running the cable, I would like to have the Router/AP be on the small wall where the DSL line comes in and have a separate router in Client Bridge mode on the other side of the apartment to link the two network segments together. (In the diagram, wired devices are the blue lines and wireless devices are the red lines.)

    I was considering running an ASUS WL-520gU as the primary Router/AP to serve the wireless devices and the USB Hard Drive and an ASUS WL-520gC as a Client Bridge. I will likely be running Victek's TomatoRAF or Teddy Bear Tomato on the WL-520gU. I would likely have to run DD-WRT on the WL-520gC because of the small amount of flash memory (or I may buy a second WL-520gU since they're cheap enough).

    Another consideration was the ASUS RT-N16 as the Router/AP but it seems kind of expensive for my needs and I really only do file transfers on the wired network and so Wireless-N is likely to be a waste so I would really only be purchasing it for the extra CPU/RAM and would also need to find an equally stable router to pair with it as the Client Bridge because an RT-N16 as a Client Bridge seems like overkill.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts, considerations, suggestions!
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