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Routing behind a Client Router (WRT54G) dumb question ?!?!

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by MBChris, May 17, 2005.

  1. MBChris

    MBChris Network Guru Member

    Hi there,

    i need some advise for my routing issues pls, i bet u cracks can solve it fast.

    Ive a large installation with many WRTs and all internet things working liek a charm, but with my administrative needs ive a problem.

    let me say i have 1 AP running to connect wireless clients, both types (normal PCs with wireless cards and WRTs in Client Mode with DD-WRT installed)

    Now i like to reach some Hosts behind the Client WRT.

    Internal IP fixed
    DHCP Server enabled

    Automatic DHCP (mostly WAN-Address =
    Internal IP fixed
    DHCP Server enabled

    Now from an WLAN connected Client on WRT-AP i like to reach the MAchine behind the WRT-Client

    So i make a static route on WRT-AP with this command

    route add -net netmask gateway
    now i could ping and get my results
    BUT if i ping i get timeouts/no results ???? WHY ???

    if i add a route dedicated to the Host with this command

    route add -host gateway

    i could reach the machine !!!!

    i couldn't understand this, because as of my knowing the first command, especialy the "netmask" says that the route should be to all machines in this net e.g or am i wrong ???

    thanks to answer my "routing-newbie-question" *g

  2. qingz

    qingz Network Guru Member

    route add -net netmask gateway
  3. MBChris

    MBChris Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the quick answer will try it in the evening, but .... what if the WRT-Client does not get the same IP-Adress anymore (DHCP timed out) e.g. ??

    Sounds that i should give them all a fix ip ???? But then i must i get no DNS-Servers which are actual coming from the DHCP-Server on the AP-WRT :( If my ISP change there DNSs Server i must config all Client-WRTs with the correct ones again .... uuuhhh

    Ahh let me think about, if i give them fixed IPs over the DHCPD (IP-MAC-NAme) then the DHCP-Server should also provide the DNS-Adresses which are coming from my ISP, am i right ?
  4. qingz

    qingz Network Guru Member

    You are right. Just set a static DHCP for the client in the AP.
  5. MBChris

    MBChris Network Guru Member


    Thank u all for helping me out of this .... now its running

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