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Routing problem

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by jasios, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. jasios

    jasios Network Guru Member

    I have internet connection from my isp a.a.a.64/29 Gateway: a.a.a.65
    I setup two RV042 on my network (separate LAN's)
    1) WAN: Addr:a.a.a.66/29 G:a.a.a.65
    2) WAN: Addr:a.a.a.68/29 G:a.a.a.65

    Everything works OK. Computers from 1 i 2 LAN’s works with internet. From Internet I, can access computers in LAN's (via forwarding).

    But there is no communication between and networks.
    I cannot ping a.a.a.66 address from network.
    I cannot ping a.a.a.68 address from network.

    When I try ping from 192.198.2.x machine to a.a.a.65, I have responses:
    From (my RV042 a.a.a.68) Destination Host Unreachable.

  2. jasios

    jasios Network Guru Member

    Problem resolved

    Problem resolved.
    My ISP block packet between a.a.a.66 and a.a.a.68 addresses. (I don't understand why).
    When I change second router to a.a.a.69 everything working perfect.

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