RV016: cannot enable pptp server => reset

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by buddel, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. buddel

    buddel LI Guru Member

    Hi everyone, mybe someone can help me:
    I have RV016 with 6 WAN Port enabled. I use latest Firmware DHCP Option is disabled. We use a Subnet. The Router is at
    Everytime I try to enable PPTP Server (IP Range from - for example) the RV016 will restart (reset) itself. After restarting the enable checkbox is empty again and pptp is not working (because it is still disabled). The pptp server function had been working in the past for me, i know that. if i go back to factory default, i can switch it on and it will work. after a while i receive the same problem, when i try to add a user account for pptp for example. does anyone of you have an idea what can be wrong with the router?
  2. gyrogypsy

    gyrogypsy Network Guru Member

    Not Sure if you are still having this issue, but i have two of these routers, and both do exactly what you describe. Usually you can enable the PPTP server, then enter all the user names and passwords in one go, then hit Save and it is OK. However if the PPTP server is already enabled, and you are adding new users to the client list then click save, router will reboot and the changes you have made are lost. The only way is to delete all the users, disable the PPTP server, then re-enable it and add all the users again in one go and finish by hitting save.

    It looks like a bug to me. I am moving my clients over to IPSEC VPN with Greenbow clients. Works much better.
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