RV016 V2.0.0 Firmware ?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by sjnetworks, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. sjnetworks

    sjnetworks Network Guru Member

    I have the RV016 and have been working with Linksys support to fix a problem with DynIP and FQDN VPN setup. They said I needed V2.0.1 firmware and they mailed it to me. But it won't load of course without first going to 2.0.0. They were supposed to mail that to me also but it has been two days. If I use the V2.0.0 firmware from the China site will my router be in Chinese or English?
    Does anyone else have a solution for DynIP and FQDN VPN setups?
  2. zachaller

    zachaller Network Guru Member

    RV016_2.0.0.exe rewrites a boot loader portion. It becomes impossible to use the configuration file saved by Firmware 1.x.x. Since the program for returning to Firmware 1.x.x is not offered, a version down cannot be carried out. I have RV082. rv082-jp_20021_20050204_web.EXE carried by LINKSYS Japan was come to hand and performed. The menu display would be Japanese. However, it became more unstable than a firmware 1.6.3. Although returned to the firmware 1.6.3, it became impossible to use a configuration file. It is thought that it will be in the state same as RV016 probably.

    Notes carried by LINKSYS Japan

    All the present setup is reset after upgrade and it returns to a setup at the time of shipment. V2.0.0. use the setting file which backed up by the firmware before V2.0.0.21JP in the firmware after this version -- don't become precocious Please set up again after update after cutting down the present contents of a setting beforehand before firmware update. It becomes impossible to return to a former version after upgrade.

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