RV016's Load Balancing Problem

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by channel, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. channel

    channel Addicted to LI Member

    I have bought Linksys RV016 for a week and i have a problem.
    I have 4 WAN : 2 from ADSL Modem and 2 from Wireless. All that 4 conection working fine, and i can Load Balancing any 2 of it with RV016 or my old D-Link LB604 with good result, speed increase if i downloading or check with www.speedtest.net.
    But if i try with 3 or 4 WAN....... no more speed increasing again ?? No diffrent with only 2 WAN. Offcourse i already set port WAN 3 and WAN 4.
    If i try with 3 Internet connection that WAN 3 doesn't have any effect, not event Failover. I already tried with unplug one of the ADSL phone cable while runing and...speed was drop, and only one WAN working.
    What did i miss ?? How can i make all those 3 or 4 or more line can Load Balancing ??

    PS : Sorry for my bad English.... English is not my mother language.
  2. channel

    channel Addicted to LI Member

    I juat search for old post in this forum and google....some have same problem with mine a few years ago... but still no solve. Now, i wondering... is this 7 WAN (with 2 WAN for Failover) can work ??
    Oh ya...... i already up date to the latest firmware...and still nothing.
  3. buddel

    buddel LI Guru Member

    I have no problems using RV016 with 6 WAN Ports right now. All Ports have an static ip adress, a dsl router is connected to each port (6 router/dsl/modems total). It runs in Auto Balance Mode and i have made an rate control rule wich enables all traffic (all ports) on the whole LAN side ( for example).if i use a download manager and set it up to 20 connections i have round about 4-5x times speed as using one port. dont forget the overhead and that the balancer will only share round about 80% to one ip, still reserving a small peace for maybe another user... feel free to mail me if you have more questions, i own that thing for years and i had the same problems in the beginning. by the way we use 3 wired and to wlan connections on the wan side. because here in our small village we only get poor dsl speed, so we decided to connect 6 neighbours and we all share our speed...
  4. Gradius

    Gradius LI Guru Member

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