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Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by crzygrndpa, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. crzygrndpa

    crzygrndpa Network Guru Member

    After haggling with the Linksys tech support for about an hour I finally got them to drop the goods on the Microsoft 2000/XP VPN Client Remote Client option for Client to Gateway/Group VPN in the 1.3.6 firmware of the RV042

    Unfortunately, this option does not give the ability to do what most of us wanted to do: connect to our RV042 with the MS VPN Network Adapter (WAN Miniport) under Network Neighborhood/Connections.

    The only thing this Remote Client option does is allow for multiple IPSec tunnels to be created from Client to Gateway via the Group Policy Editor. (that long process that is documented in the Linksys KB) This method of course does not allow for DynamicIP. Apparently, with earlier firmware you could connect doing the IPSec Policy editing HACK (I call it a hack because if I wanted to do that much configuration I would be using Linux) but only one client at a time could connect. (to a single tunnel maybe??)

    I had to argue with the tech for a few minutes over why they call the Remote Client option 'MS 2000/XP VPN Client' and explain that editing (hacking) the IPSec Policies is not a client, it is a configuration. I put in a request to add connectivity for the MS VPN Client for a future firmware release, I have no idea if this request will be taken seriously or not.

    I am being sent a new version of QuickVPN however. It is a BETA that is not available yet, once I play around with it hopefully I'll have some good news to report. (the current version of QuickVPN tends to crash after a certain amount of data has been transferred... for me at least)

    If anybody has the time, please email Linksys and request that they add support for the 2000/XP VPN Adapter (WAN Miniport) in future firmware. It's insane that more companies don't support this built in feature of Windows that pretty much has been there since Win98. If the RV042 could support this client for VPN Domain logon it would be the king of the VPN Routers hands down (considering the price and the number of VPN Tunnels it supports)
  2. crzygrndpa

    crzygrndpa Network Guru Member

    To follow up my previous post about the Microsoft 2000/XP VPN Client and the RV042....

    The RV042 uses IPSec Tunnel Mode while Microsoft 2000/XP VPN Client uses L2TP/IPSec, the two are not compatible. Almost all big name affordable VPN routers use IPSec Tunnel Mode, so unless Microsoft adds IPSec Tunnel Mode compatibility to their VPN Client software don't expect to get the two to work. It looks like a Third Party VPN Client capable of IPSec Tunnel Mode is needed.

    I suggest looking for Third Party software because (starting with the 1.3.3 firmware for the RV042) Quick VPN craps out on me after a certain amount of data is transferred. I spoke with Linksys about this and they sent me a new in-house BETA of Quick VPN (I've already sent it to an admin here so it should be available for download soon?) but this version is worse... somewhat. It doesn't drop the VPN connnection like the previous version does but when copying large data it will die after a minute or two, perhaps someone else will have more luck.

    As for me, I've had it with Linksys' RV042. It doesn't do what it was advertising and I was mislead by the Linksys Sales Dept. (I specifically asked them if I could use the MS VPN Client to connect to it) Maybe someday they will get out a firmware version that does what we were promised but I cannot wait that long. (deploying a small business VPN solution with mobile clients) I placed an order for the TRENDNET TW100-BRV304. I highly suggest everybody check this out. I've read VERY good things about this product, it can do 70 VPN tunnels, you can connect with the MS VPN Client (in the ver2 of the hardware) and it costs less than the RV042. (does not have the load balancing feature that the RV042 does)
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