RV042 and SSH

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by timb, May 18, 2005.

  1. timb

    timb Network Guru Member

    Hi, I'm using my RV042 in Load Balancing mode, and am having trouble maintaining SSH connections to remote servers. I can establish the connection, and it works fine, but after awhile they just get reset by peer...

    I've tried forcing all port 22 connections to go through WAN1, but that doesn't seem to help... Any ideas?

  2. timb

    timb Network Guru Member

    Well, Linksys USA sent me the Firmware, and that didn't help...

    Can anyone else that's using the router in dual-wan mode test out SSH for me? Perhaps get a copy of PuTTY and I'll give you the login information for a server to SSH to if needed. Tell me if the connection gets reset after a few minutes.

  3. timb

    timb Network Guru Member

    So no one here with a RV042 in dual-wan mode can test something for me?
  4. magnetiz

    magnetiz Guest


    I was having same problem before upgrade to, did you try to config your SSH to use another port?

    *my firmware download from china Linksys
  5. username_taken

    username_taken Network Guru Member

    Sounds like a NAT session timeout issue to me. I haven't yet found a way to disable/extend the timeout limit on my RV082
  6. hhawkman

    hhawkman Network Guru Member


    We've just noticed the same problem, not just with SSH. But straight FTP as well. We are even starting to get intermittant problems with any connection.

    We have 2 rules in place for binding All Port 80 and all port 445 through Wan2. I still see Access denied messages in the logs trying for wan 1 (I think, I always get the wan/lan interfaces mixed up in the logs).

    We usually have to restart the router when it gets bad.
  7. timb

    timb Network Guru Member

    Yea, using official from Linksys USA (Support sent it to me...then never answered me when I told them it didn't fix it...)

    This is VERY annoying... All other connections seem okay, except maybe AOL Instant Messenger, that seems to be dropped a lot. However TeamSpeak stays up, as does VOIP on my Vonage adapter....

    You know, Netgear is releasing their dual-wan router this month.....

  8. jdavidbakr

    jdavidbakr Guest

    I'm experiencing similar issues with the RV082. SSH will connect about half the time (both incoming and outgoing) and FTP will not hold a passive connection for more than a few minutes.

    I'm not using the RV082 as the proxy, I have a linux proxy running, so all packets that are coming in are probably being manquaraded out under different ports; is it possible that it is breaking up my connection to the ssh server between the two WAN ports? Does SSH bind a session to a port other than port 22? When the SSH connection hangs it is not until after I get a "Accepted publickey for user from ::ffff:123.456.78.90 port 45000 ssh2" - does this mean that ssh connects to the remote machine via port 22 and it sends back port 45000 (or whatever other high port) that makes the connection? This would easily end up with the response going down a different WAN port, thus causing the problem. If I am right, how do I get around it? And if I'm not right, what could be going on?
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