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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by vi11an, Apr 20, 2005.

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    Hey Guys,

    I have an NB740 and an RV042 at home at the moment testing to see which one will work better with my setup.. Unfortunately, I can get neither of them to work with one of my ISPs connection.. Setup below.

    I have two Cisco 837s in bridged mode, one on a Netspace connection, the other on an iiNet connection (two Aussie ISPs). I am trying to setup either of these two routers (either the NB740 or the RV042) to handle both pppoe connections.

    Both routers have been configured correctly (from what I can see), and the two 837s are also working without any problems. However neither of the routers appear to work correctly with iiNet.

    NB740 - Simple wont make a pppoe connection. Puts up an error asking for the username / password to be checked, or to check the net connection.

    RV042 - Seems to make a connection, gets an IP address.. Then no traffic routed to the connection actually works.

    I can make a pppoe connection from an XP client through either of the bridged 837s without any problems. Its only these two routers that have the problem with iiNet. Has anyone seen this issue before, or know of any unusual configurations some ISPs might make use of that might cause issue here?

    After reading through these forums.. Im not sure the device is even really made to work with net connections from seperate ISPs?

    Any help appreciated.


    Was to do with the MTU settings.. Apparently auto doesnt work with this particular ISP.. Lowered it, worked fine.
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