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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by argy, May 1, 2008.

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    I've found a number of threads which partly address this issue but none meet my particuylar needs, I hope someone can help...

    I have a number of wireless access points (APs) behind an RV042. Each AP can be accessed on the LAN by browsing to its LAN IP address. I need to be able to manage these APs remotely.

    I have 2x Netgear DG834 V3 routers attached to the WAN side of the RV042. I have set up port forwarding on these such that port 6003 is forwarded to the RV042 with the aim of then mapping port 6003 onto LAN IP address, similarly I need to map incoming port 6015 onto

    I've set up port forwarding in the RV042 and also uPnP such that port 6003 is forwarded to etc. I've also set up port triggering so that port 80 triggers port 6003. This doesn't seem to work. Although I can reach the AP and get the logon screen when I enter the username and password then press enter I get error 404 'page can not be found' message, the AP then seems to unavailable for a pewriod of a few minutes.

    Even if the port triggering bit did work then it wouldn't allow me to trigger port 80 on different LAN IP addresses onto different external ports.

    Neither the Netgear DG834 nor the RV042 seem to be able to handle this requirement though much cheaper (and less reliable) routers based on the conexant chipset seem to cope particularly well with this.

    Any suggestions?

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    If I am reading your post right you basically want to have incoming tcp port 6003 to tcp port 80? and incoming tcp port 6015 to tcp port 80?

    Anyway forget port forwarding and triggers(unless you need that). Go to Upnp page and then go to service management and create each port as a new entry.

    For example you can create:

    service name: 6003 or whatever you want
    protocol: tcp
    external: 6003
    internal: 80 (or whatever port you want)

    Do the same for 6015.

    Then after that simply choose the new service you just created above and map it to the internal IP, enable it then add to list. You may need to restart the router, I remember having to do this to enable the forwarding.

    I dont know what they put this in upnp and not the forwarding but you use this page (upnp) to setup forwarding when the external port is different than the internal.

    This should work for you if I understood your post, or I can clarify if needed.

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