RV042/RV082/RV016 - Port/IP/Protocol Binding? Max NAT trans?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by akk142, May 28, 2005.

  1. akk142

    akk142 Network Guru Member

    Can the RV016 (or RV042 or RV082) bind a particular port, IP, or protocal to a specific WAN port. The manual doesn't specifically mention any of these features. But when does a linksys manual explain EVERYTHING. This seems to be the only major feature missing from these products (at least in the manual). I wish I could log on to any of the three and just look over the interface for real. Anyone wanna help me :).

    I'm in charge of getting 60 people on the internet in September without (@*#ing up. In the case that a program uses serveral ports or connects to multiple servers, I want to be sure I can make it work somehow if the application requires all traffic/connections to come from the same WAN connection or source public IP address.

    Was there an early problem with these products with SMTP? Did I read that somewhere? ... wasn't there a workaround.

    Also, anyone know the maximum number of NAT sessions these guys can handle. Or the amount of DRAM they have? It's great when people get viruses or adware that generate about 3000 connections. I don't want that to freeze the interconnection on account of a full NAT table.

    Also, has anyone considered modifying firmware for these products. The RV016 seems ridiculously powerful (as well as the RV042 and RV082) and a few mods could take it to that next level. If I had the knowledge and time, I'd do it myself. My networking skills are at the administrator level, not the engineer. I do have strong knowledge of C++, and understand basics on packets and socket communication if that means anything.

    I'm looking to buy the linksys RV016 as I need a multi wan router that can do more than 2 connections and I prefer a big name, linksys, rather than the only other multi wan routers supporting more than 2 WAN's, Edimax. However, edimax explicitly supports these features in their products. In any case, linksys should realize that the consumers interested in this line of products are going to be more interested in details, advanced features, and not being babied.

    'nough said. Anyone have an answer to this question?

    ps. The linksys techs don't know these answers and/or can't speak english well enough to understand me and generate a response.
  2. username_taken

    username_taken Network Guru Member

    On the RV082 there are settings to send specific IP / Ports through specific WAN interfaces. I do this to ensure that all http traffic comes down through WAN2 while ftp goes through WAN1. I also use it to make sure that our more important users go via the faster WAN interface via their IP address.

    In System Management when you have Load Balance enabled it lets you put these directives in. Inputs to make a rule are :

    Service(port), Source IP, Destination IP, Interface, Enable.

    examples (* = any )
    *,, *, WAN2, YES
    25,*,*,WAN2, YES
  3. akk142

    akk142 Network Guru Member

    rv016 port binding

    Thanks a million. Debate over. Getting the RV016. HaHa. Just have to order it and hook it up. Thanks again.
  4. net_eng

    net_eng Network Guru Member

    For your info:

    Intel IXP425-266 32MB RAM

    Intel IXP425-533 32MB RAM

    Intel IXP425-533 32MB RAM

    The RV042 only uses random ports between 1024-4999(Linux default), you can see that in the /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_local_port_range if you enabled telnet. A theoretical limit of about 3975(if my math is correct) connections.

    I assume they kept the RV082 and RV16 the same unless they changed it but considering they have the same RAM I dont think they did.
  5. akk142

    akk142 Network Guru Member


    I currently own the RV016 and on the first page, it says 64 Mb DRAM.

    Everything seems to be going well.

    I did enable telnet and looked at the pages for the RV042 and enabling a meminfo page and kcore page. I know a little linux, but basic commands aren't working out at the RV016> prompt. I've tried ls and cd just to look around and such and it doesn't work. And I definitely can't enable the meminfo pages like they describe.

    Any chance you know what's in the new and/or beta rv042 and rv082 firmwares. I see they are starting a rv016 2.0.6 and i wonder what it might include.


  6. net_eng

    net_eng Network Guru Member

    When you get to the RV016>you have to invoke the 'shell' command to get a busybox shell to the box where you can use some linux commands. Simply use exit to leave after.
  7. paradisecowgirl

    paradisecowgirl Network Guru Member

    Now that's interesting. I've been noticing a performance impact on WAN2 when the hubby runs his bit torrent client through WAN1. I've got protocol binding set up specifically to to make sure his BT traffic goes through WAN1 (Verizon) and all my traffic from my (static IP) goes out WAN2 (Comcast) but I rarely get full speeds unless he's got very very few torrent connections (like only downloading one file).

    I've tried limiting the number of connections his client (Azureus) makes but it seems to have a pretty limited effect. The instant all the torrents are PAUSED, the speeds on WAN2 return to normal.

    Also, I've noticed latency through this router is insanely high -- if you're familar with BBR's (formerly DSLR) line quality tests and the like, you can see what I'm talking about here:


    (That's with DoS, WAN Request, etc disabled)

    I know the latency isn't anything that high when I have the laptop connected directly to Comcast connection.

    Any feedback? At this point, I'm not sure the advantage of having all our computers on the same subnet outweighs the loss of speed and increased latency I see.
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