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RV042 w/ Load balancing external IP Questions

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by jimmysmith, May 4, 2006.

  1. jimmysmith

    jimmysmith LI Guru Member

    I apologize in advance for this newb question, but Ive had my RV042 setup w/ 2 ISPs on the Load balancing setup for a few months and loving every minute of it... However the other day I began to run into problems :(

    When going to some sites that are ip restricted I get denied or logged out because my setup loves to 'switch' between IPs from both ISPS.

    The above issue is not that big of a deal, but the other day I picked up a VOIP setup for my business.. Plugged it into the setup I have here (RV042) everything seemed to work fine, until I started getting dropped calls & when making outbound calls I would hear nothing yet it would ring through on the other side and they too would hear nothing (tested this with my land line a few times)

    I thought about it for a bit and figured out it was the IP Switching causing this random issue. I switched the router over to the Smart Backup mode which utilizes one ISP until it fails... everything worked fine!

    My problem is I would very much like to use the LOAD Balancing setup, is there some way I can make one of the 2 ISPS the external IP so it does not switch between both? or is this something that is not possible?

    Again I apologize for the newb post, but any help or advice anyone could offer would be much appreciated.

    PS. I did try linksys support, not much luck there at all... I really am not sure they know what they are talking about or maybe I had a not so knowledgable rep respond to my tickets..
  2. g3brown

    g3brown Guest


    Are you using the firmware? I only have one ISP but I shelved a RV042 until the firmware came out. Vonage was unusable with the old firmware.

    I have thought of picking up a second ISP as a backup, so please post back how everything works out for you.
  3. jimmysmith

    jimmysmith LI Guru Member

    currently i am using so i suppose i should update, but I think the real issue is the ip changes so often vonage begins to send the data to/from the one ip and all of a sudden it switches which results in a lost / dropped call...

    I will test the latest firmware today, if that doesnt work hopefully i can figure out away to assign 1 ISP's IP to at the very least the vonage router. So I can stop getting dropped calls and what not.

    Thanks for the reply
  4. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    could you not setup access rules for ceratin services (VOIP) that force a service to use one WAN connection and not both?
  5. jimmysmith

    jimmysmith LI Guru Member

    i suppose i could, but i am pretty newb when it comes to this.

    The silly VOIP thing is another router plugged into one of the ports on the RV042 could i assign which port uses which WAN some how?
  6. jimmysmith

    jimmysmith LI Guru Member

    Well this is what I had to end up doing to make the vonage VOIP stable and to stop it from getting multiple ips as i make calls.

    I connected one of the ISP's directly into the vonage router, set it all up. Then I connected a cable from the vonage Motorola VT2442 into the DMZ port on my RV042 and configured the load balancing to use the second connection as an obtain IP and not a PPoE and now everything is working perfectly.

    I am somewhat ashamed I didnt think of this earlier, well I did but I really thought id be able to mess with the RV042 settings and get it working the way I had hoped.

    Anyways thank you guys for your input.

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