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    I have an RV082 and an RV042. The RV082 is at my home (, and the RV042 ( is at my office. There is an IPSec VPN configured between the units, and both units are running the latest available firmware. There are two bugs:

    1. When I am at home (behind the RV082) and I am using DHCP to hand out IP addresses, if I type in a URL that doesn't exist on a PC that has a dynamic IP, I get prompted to log into my RV082 as though I had typed in its IP address.

    This happens whether or not I set the DNS server IP addresses in the DHCP server or not. If I set them to zero's and let the DNS info flow through from the ISP, it's the same as if I had configured them manually. I'm reasonably sure this is a DNS issue because typing in a bad IP address does nothing (like it's supposed to). It looks to me like when an answer of "sorry, there's no IP for that domain" is returned from the DNS server, the RV082 is inserting its own IP address instead of telling the browser, "I got nuthin for you pal." Again, this ONLY happens for PCs that have dynamically assigned IP addresses. Statically addressed PCs do not experience this problem.

    2. If I type in the IP address of the RV042 (.1.1) from home, I get prompted to log into my RV082.

    I can only suspect that this *could* be that the RV082 is still answering on its default IP of .1.1, but the only way to tell is to re-IP the entire corporate network (print servers, switches, phone systems, file servers, etc) because the corporate network (192.168.1.x/24) is on the same IP subnet that the RV082 uses as default - no thanks.

    I've called Linksys and opened support cases. I think they've reached new heights - having given me a blank stare...over the phone.

    I just bought a new RV042 to replace the RV082, and it does not have this problem.

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