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    I recently bought a RV082 for use at my work. The two main reasons we got it were so that we could load balance two connections (as the existing connection was under heavy load) and the second reason being the one I am concerned about.

    Long story short, we have a exchange server and sql server running here and the exchange server requires port 443 for use with OWA (outlook web access) and the SQL server has a 3rd party web interface that runs off it that also requires port 443.

    We need access to both these services from outside the office and I am unable to just map a different external port to internal port 443 because the 3rd party software is poorly written and the code requires it run off 443 and OWA I researched was a pain to change the prot number for.

    So I was hoping that I could configure this RV082 to be able to help me with this. I will try to make a quick diagram type thing of how I require it to be set up and would love to know if anyone has been in this same predicament and how they got around it.

    Exchange(Internal IP x):443 ------\ /------ External IP x:443
    SQL (Internal IP z): 443 _____/ \______External IP z:443

    So if someone wants to access OWA they would access it via https://external.ip.x:443

    and SQL via https://external.ip.z:443

    I'm sorry if this has not been explained well enough but hopefully someone understands what I am trying to say hehe.

    Thank you!


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