RV082 problems

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by simoncpage, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. simoncpage

    simoncpage Network Guru Member

    I have setup and RV082 with 2 internet connections successfully however I have a couple of queries. (The setup is bog standard BT router with dynamic IP and a D-Link DSL-300T with Static IP.

    1. When I have both connections on load balance (which is ideally what I want) there seems to be a number of outgoing logs saying

    Connection Refused - Policy violation: THE IP address in here are usually a local one 172.17.36.x and the other being the exchange server IP. I am connecting to the exchange server via RPC /HTTPS. Will a firmware upgrade from 1.1.1 make this work? Any ideas with this?

    2. When I do a ping from any of the computer on the network:

    ping -t www.yahoo.com

    I get intermittent "Request Time out" - any ideas how I can test what is causing this problem and what is the most likely problem?

    3. If I get the router working on load balance so both lines are working should the port forwarding of an internal IP through port 3389 mean that if I enter the Static IP address with RDP it will forward on to that internal IP?

  2. normntwrk

    normntwrk Network Guru Member

    We adjusted the MTU value downward to resolve some time out issues that we were seeing with the Rv082 and a ADSL line

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