RV082 Randomly Restarts

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by mperkel, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. mperkel

    mperkel Guest

    I have an RV082 firmware 1.3.6. I have both a cablemodem and a DSL linne connected and on the DSL side running 1 to 1 nat.

    What is happening on a daily basis is that the RV082 will reset itself. It will go unresponsive and then, based on the lights on the front, reboot itself. It's as if it loses its mind, then something figures out it's braindead and causes it to reset.

    The box is doing a lot of work. on the inside I'm running 2 nameservers that are both pretty busy (UDP port 53 traffic) and an email server that acts as a spam filter so lots of port 25 connection including lots of failed virus bot attempts. I don't knoe if it makes a difference but virus infected spam bot tends to leave connections open.

    I'm also having other problems that are more random and harder to pin down. SSH connections being broken. Thunderbird seems to get confused to the point it needs to be restarted.

    What it seems like (guessing) is that the unit is perhaps tracking too many connections and overloading or something like that. Has anyone else seen this?
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