RV082, RV016 VPN Clients and etc.

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by peridigm, May 3, 2005.

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    I have been trying to get a stable VPN client to work with the RV082 & RV016 for months. I can get gateway to gateway VPN connection perfectly. I can get PPTP on the 082 no problem. I have connected to the 016 with the Greenbow client on two 016's. I have one 016 that had the same settings as the other two that would not connect for some reason. It was connected to a T-1 where as the others were on Cable/DSL connections. After a month of downtime I have decided to try at the 082 again with the Quick VPN client. After reading about Quick VPN being the only client on the machine, has anyone had problems with Quick VPN after removing other clients. My test system has had Greenbow, Intel, Cisco, and a few others on it. I'm wondering if those clients didn't leave something behind that is causing a problem for Quick VPN.

    Does anyone know if the 016 will have Quick VPN capabilities in the near future. Someone here must have been able to pry some info out of Linksys regarding that. Otherwise, it is worthless as a VPN router because other clients are not directly supported by Linksys and it seems to be hit and miss if a 3rd part client will work.
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    Check the link just in case you didn't see it...


    You can obviously substitute any of the routers that utilize quickvpn in place of the wrv54g used in the example...

    Linksys put the foot in all of our azz's after we bought the wrv54/rv042/rv084 routers because it's becoming apparent this was an intentional ploy to marke quickvpn's "supposed" ease of use. Linksys never considered how bad quickvpn would behave with other vpn clients loaded on the same system. Then again (Hello!), they may have designed it so it wouldn't work with other clients, thereby forcing the removal of all others except it (how's that for conspiracy theory?).

    To answer your question, yes, quickvpn does alright by itself in some instances. Other people have said to be able to connect, but still have problems seeing the network they were connecting to. Configuring a WINS server has been said to correct such problems. I've mentioned in this forum before that there was a workaround that has greenbow used quickvpn parameters but that shouldn't be attempted until a connection with quickvpn can be made consitently.

    As far as future capabilities for the 016, Linksys appears to have pretty much ignored complaints because they're launching a new camaign to market the 50 user license version of quickvpn starting in June. They know that people are still going to take their chances with these vpn routers.

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