RV082 to WRVS4400N VPN help

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by teksupp, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. teksupp

    teksupp Addicted to LI Member

    Having some trouble with a small multi site VPN set up. I have a RV082 sitting at a main location and plan on connecting several WRVS4400Ns to it from remote locations. I have the first one set up and the IPsec tunnel is up but the two networks are not routing between each other. I can ping the remote gateway IP addresses from each site to the other. But can't ping from LAN to LAN over the tunnel. In this config should I be using the RV082 as a router and the WRVS4400N as a gateway, or both as gateways, or both as routers? I need the remote LAN b.b.b.b to talk to the local LAN a.a.a.a. And I need to do this 10 more times and have them all talk to each other. Thanx
  2. DocLarge

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    Both should be set up as gateways or starters if they are the only routers on each lan...
  3. teksupp

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    Actually I was wrong, I can ping the remote gateway LAN (, from the main site ( But I can't ping any clients on, and from the remote site I can't even ping the main gateway. The VPN tunnel is up, but that is all. I can't seem to figure out if these need to be in router mode or if I need some route statements in the advanced routing, or what. There is an additional gateway at the main site. It's a Sonicwall firewall that controls the internet circuits. Is set up like this;
    Main site RV082 ( LAN port patched to core switch on network, WAN1 patched to T1 router. Rv082 WAN in DMZ mode (but not using a DMZ), and RV082 is in gateway mode. All the nodes on the network have the LAN port of the SonicWall as the gateway. The Sonicwall has two load balanced Inet connections. IPSec tunnel between and remote network Remote site has a WRVS4400N (LAN IP on a DSL circuit with static IPs. WRVS4400N is in gateway mode. Tunnel comes up, and I can hit from but that is it. Can't hit from LAN, and can't hit LAN from LAN. Am I missing something? Thanx
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