RV082 VLAN issues

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by CVW-ER, Aug 13, 2008.

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    Linksys RV082
    Firmware Version: 1.3.6

    Dual-WAN setup (WAN2 = Cable & WAN1 = ADSL), no DMZ;
    Dual-WAN goes round robin, except for a few protocols such as HTTPS;
    4 ports in VLAN1, 4 ports in VLAN2;
    Firewall, SPI, DoS, Block WAN Request, HTTPS: Enabled;
    Remote Management, Multicast Pass Through: Disabled;
    MTU set to 1472 bytes;
    No web features restricted.

    We're a small company with 2 meeting rooms. The idea is to seperate the network in the meeting rooms from our company's network, since often clients with own laptops are there, as well as our own laptops for giving presentations.

    As such, our main network is assigned to VLAN1, whereas the meeting rooms are on VLAN2. The idea is that you take your laptop from VLAN1 and simply plug it in VLAN2 and you continue to surf, but are denied access to anything on VLAN1.

    VLAN1 has a windows DHCP/DNS/WINS running, so the RV082 does NOT act as DHCP. VLAN2 has NO DHCP, since laptops coming from VLAN1 will simply retain their ipconfig/ifconfig. Visitors will manually configure their IPs and DNS to whatever we tell them to.

    With the current setup, everything is just peachy on VLAN1. Everything seems to work as it should and protocol binding is keeping our HTTPS connections from disconnecting due to switching from ADSL to Cable or vice versa due to the round robin setup.

    Currently however, VLAN2 only works on HTTP... You can't HTTPS and such. Hell, you can't even ping or tracert. I can't find any setting that would block such a thing.

    I don't think this is due to access rules as such, since the IP range remains the same (IPs in VLAN1 and VLAN2 remain the same & without duplicates). Is the firewall for some reason blocking everything on VLAN2 except port 80, regardless of the access rules? I don't see any way to make different access rules, save for changing the way we handle IPs.

    One weird thing happened while troubleshooting though. I changed the MTU from Auto to Manual 1500 and then to 1496 (as I read MTU settings were often causing erratic behavior), after which the HTTPS worked very briefly on VLAN2, but died shortly after. I later changed the MTU setting to 1472 bytes.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, since I've been busting my head against the wall for a while now. And all the (usually firmware related) bugs etc I read about for the RV082 doesn't inspire much confidence.

    Note: I don't see any patch notes that would lead me to believe upgrading firmware would resolve this issue. (can't upgrade right now, but I'm considering it)
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