rv082 VPN problems with dual WAN smart link

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by username_taken, May 28, 2005.

  1. username_taken

    username_taken Network Guru Member

    When I have smart link enabled on my WAN ports I find that I get terrible packet loss from PPTP VPN clients. It appears that the RV082 is unsure which WAN interface to send out the packets and therefore the ones going out the wrong interface are lost.

    Anyone else had this problem and able to resolve it ?
  2. obrien1984

    obrien1984 Network Guru Member

    We used to have problems with this, so we dropped our second line entirely. I have heard that the latest firmware update fixes the problem.
  3. realpro

    realpro Guest

    rv082 and passthru VPN

    We are having a similar (?) problem... an RV082, connected to cable modem, works fine when using a Nortel VPN client. But if we add a DSL connection, it can't connect, or connects and drop the connection soonthereafter. Anyone has ideas??? The firmware level is the latest:

    Also, [probably should be a separate thread], we have problems with SunRocket broadband phone connection -- if connected to the RV082 it does not connect, or drops the connection -- this time, it does that even if there is only one WAN connection (cable).
    When I move the service to connect the DSL using a different router (SMC) it works. Last detail: a Vonage line connected to the RV082 works fine!!! Strange? maybe...


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