RVL200 FW Cant forward to Subnet

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by eight91121, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. eight91121

    eight91121 Guest

    Hello All.
    I am having a problem when forwarding to a local IP of 10.0.0.X it gives me an error stating IP address is out of range [1~254] !

    I have had this working before on this same subnet, but now it isnt working. I had to change the rvl200 out due to a 2500kbps limit on download, but I still want to use it for the VPN capabilities. I changed the IP to and the new router is, I also changed it to Router mode, as aposed to gateway mode.
    On the WAN side, it has a public IP, as also does my new router, just a different IP. I am able to use the VPN feature, but not able to use the forwarding rules to forward traffic to the network, as it gives me the above error. I am able to configure firewall rules using the 10.0.0.X network addresses. I have tryed everything to get it working, and know it must be something simple I am missing.
    Please HELP!!!!!
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