RVL200 and IP conflict

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by gasior, May 28, 2007.

  1. gasior

    gasior LI Guru Member

    Hello to all

    I've recently started to test the RVL200 router. I've noticed one strange thing and maybe you can help me solve this out.

    The router is working as in gateway mode and has DHCP turned off. It does not act as a main router - it is plugged in just for tests. It all works well, when I set its IP as a gateway in my PC - so basic router settings as ok. Firmware version: v1.0.14. The firewall is switched off. No custom QoS rules nor access rules.

    Strange thing happens when i try to enter some IP from other subnet than is configured as a LAN subnet. For every IP i got message that this IP is already used. When checking with sniffer i see that my PC is asking if this particular IP is being used and receives response from RVL200 that this IP is used by the router. I got this on every IP outside LAN subnet.

    Problem is that i need to have additional IP on my PC (outside LANs subnet) to access another VPN connection.

    Have any of you noticed similar behaviour?
    Best regards
  2. gasior

    gasior LI Guru Member

    Hello again.
    From my tests the RVL200 starts to act like described above when I set up Static IP on WAN interface. I've tried to reset to factory defaults and every time after setting WAN interface IP I get the same behaviour.

    I've upgraded to 1.1.0 firmware and it stopped :)
    Best regards
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