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RVL200 True performance ?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by llevet, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. llevet

    llevet LI Guru Member

    I'm interesting to buy a RVL200. The doc said it can 100 Mbps NAT Throughput, but this is only a doc....

    Somebody can tel me the real throughput of the RVL200 ?
    I have see something like 46Mbps on internet.

    A simple test is to put RVL200 with two computers (one on wan and one on LAN) and mesuring the bidirectionnal FTP transfert.

    Thank a lot !

  2. llevet

    llevet LI Guru Member

    Performances .....

    ok, I have my answer.
    I have buy it.

    So, test protocol was made with 2 P4 1G ram broadcom Gigabit and 72 GB scsi disk.

    For real application, i use http and ftp transfert between the 2 computers.
    1 computer on LAN port and 1 on Wan port from the RVL200.

    File size for transfert is 1GB.

    For Nat traversal (firewall disable) :
    - Throughput from WAN to LAN : 28Mb/s
    - Throughput from LAN to WAN : 31Mb/s

    Tranfert via SSL VPN :
    - Throughput from WAN to LAN : 4,2Mb/s
    - Throughput from LAN to WAN : 3,1Mb/s

    Enable firewall slow down the throughput from 5 to 10 % only.

    So, we are far from values given in technical spec file !!!!

    For my personnal use, i use it like a SSL server* only (not like a router, too slow for FTTH ).


    * It is possible to make this, read the Manual ! :thumbup:

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