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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by snesar, Dec 20, 2009.

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    Hello fellas,
    I have strange issue going on which I have scratched my head since last night, and I cant make much sense of it. Will need some help and your comments. And yes, I have searched, nothing similar came up. Ironically, I;m not into advanced features like IPSec or VPN yet. Just basic set-up.
    So to provide some history, I've been using a simple router for home (Dlink DI-604) with cable modem (DCM-202). And things have been running fine. I juts got RVL200 from a friend and wanted to upgrade home network so that I can tunnel in.
    I set-up RVL200 (from my understanding to match with DI-604 conf.) and connected it to the cable modem. I found that the traffic from LAN side is not going thru the WAN (no internet connection, RVL200 web portal working). So I took it out (without much debugging in that set-up), plugged the DI-604 back in so that I can connect RVL behind this router and configure to make it work and then replace DI-604 (so that rest of the home network still works). I changed the LAN side to a totally different subnet (10.10.X.X) and the existing home network is 198.168.0.X (this is the IP DI-604 is handing out).
    Now the strange behavior I see is that the RVL does not accept (or at least show) that it has valid IP address on WAN side (, while the logs on the DI-604 show that it has successfully provided an IP address 192.168.0.x. The pings from PC (connected to RVL LAN) to RVL gateway os ok, but ping to the WAN side fails. One the DI-604 side, ping to RVL WAN ip (as seen from DI-604 logs) are ok as well. Now when I change the WANIP from dynamic to static, and assign it the IP address that it should have picked up from DI-604, then everything works. Internet connectivity is fine, pings ok everywhere. The issue is, I cant work in this mode as when I will replace it with DI-604, the only mode cable modem works in dynamic IP.
    I did some more poking and playing with different option within RVL, but nothing solves this (MTU size etc.). Except that when I set-it up as (router) which I think it should be, then it totally stops connectivity (static or dynamic WAN). It continues to work if I change the WAN IP to dynamic right after static, but only because the IP is cached I guess. Rebooting RVL takes it back to orignal problem.
    Forgot to mention that I upgraded the firmware to 1.1.7 before I started working (and have reset the settings to factory several times). Then I found even newer firmware Both have same behavior.
    Sorry for the long post, but seems like I've exhausted what I can think of. I'm a HW person my background (as you can probably guess by now :))
    What am I missing here? Hope not something really stupid.... can anyone suggest any thing to try? Appreciate reading in advance.
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