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RVS4000: offline preparing configuration?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by sonic.or.youth, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. sonic.or.youth

    sonic.or.youth LI Guru Member

    Is there a way/tool to edit an existing working configuration to prepare for a few dozen other RVS4000-devices? I only need to change pppoe-information, dyndns & admin-password. So I can prepare these routers' configurations offline which can save me a lot of time instead of waiting constantly while the router reboots slowly (several times)... I have tio configure about 40 of them.
  2. mrkramer

    mrkramer LI Guru Member

    Configure one router and after that save configuration as template.
    Then you will can setup settings in other the same routers by "restore function".
    I hope it help.
  3. sonic.or.youth

    sonic.or.youth LI Guru Member

    How could I do that? There's only the backup/restore utility and backup has no options to save as template, only to save cfg-file (and cfg file can't be edited with notepad because of check failure when trying to restore a modified cfg-file)

    i don't want to configure one router, backup the cfg, restore the cfg in each other router and change pppoe/password/dyndns in the config window because I don't wanna wait the slow reboot per router at least 3 times ( * 40)

    My idea is to backup a working config-file, edit and save it with some kind of editor/tool for 40 other routers, without using the online browser interface!
    So I can offline make 40 slightly changed cfg-files to restore in 40 routers.

    I hope this is clear?
  4. mrkramer

    mrkramer LI Guru Member

    I have spoken exactly about cfg file. In my opinion this is only way to configure many routers. I don't know any kind tool that you can install configuration offline to routers.
  5. sonic.or.youth

    sonic.or.youth LI Guru Member

    So there is no way to edit saved cfg-file with notepad and save it to harddisk to restore later on another router?

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