RVS4000 versus the BEFVP41 is it worth upgrading?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by CMan1, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. CMan1

    CMan1 Addicted to LI Member

    I'm wondering if it is worth getting RVS4000 versus the BEFVP41. Is it worth buying the RVS4000 or just use the BEFVP41.

    I'm wondering what the Intrusion Detection will do. Or just look at your event logs and a few Command lines.
    Any areas that explain the intrusion detection in the RVS4000
    Thanks Cman:confused:
  2. Puffnstuff

    Puffnstuff Network Guru Member

    I would suggest that you read the numerous threads already posted on the rvs4000 router before you make the purchase. I bought one without reading the posts because I was in the store and needed a replacement and the unit I went for wasn't in stock. I ended up returning the rvs4000 and bought a d-link dgl-4500. I experienced problems with the ips and disabling it slowed my internet to a crawl. If you clone your pc's mac address it disables ftp transfers and the list goes on and on. I know this is a linksys oriented forum and I've used linksys products for several years however my experience with the rvs4000 sent me packing back to d-link. I still use linksys cable modems but that will probably change as well when docsis 3 rolls out. IMHO since cisco has taken over things aren't the same at the consumer level.
  3. nitehawke

    nitehawke LI Guru Member

    I purchased a number of RVS4000's to replace BEFVP41 v2 routers that were in production environments (including my home office). Let's just say that *none* of the RVS4000's ever made it to production for a variety of reasons (router lock ups, poor VPN passthru performance, etc).

    As I'm typing this, I'm installing the latest beta firmware onto one of these RVS4000's, praying that it actually offers some improvements. Sadly, I'm not holding my breath.

    If you need a VPN router, spend the extra money and buy something that actually works (SonicWALL is a good start...). Better than throwing your money away on the RVS4000 which as been an absolute nightmare for me.

    How can Linksys get away with selling this unreliable piece of junk?? :mad:
  4. linksys_rvs4000

    linksys_rvs4000 Addicted to LI Member

    The never version is not much better: http://www.linksysinfo.org/forums/showthread.php?p=330609#post330609

    The situation is sad :mad: . I put so much money over the counter for this brick... at first I thought I could live with it and now it's to late to return it. :angry:

    I tought linksys made quality products. Because of that I bought this router. I thought I get gigabit and premium features.

    But no, with every firmware update the situation get's worse.
  5. Ironwalker2

    Ironwalker2 LI Guru Member

    Your all crazy or got a bad one.
  6. stocks101

    stocks101 LI Guru Member

    RVS4000 VPN setup and stability

    Just some info I have experienced with the RVS4000. I have 2 clients that I have setup with site 2 site VPNs using 1-WRV54G(f/w 2.39) at one end and the RVS4000 (f/w 1.11) at the other. Clients also use the QuickVPN client from home ok. Both clients have Comcast as providers on each end. They have been very very stable and very quick, even the one office is querying a DB at the home office end. (NOT QUICKBOOKS!!!! cannot NOT get this to work!!!!!) I will say that the first one was a *itch to setup and Linksys as well as Comcast support had no clue. I learned a lot in the process on my own. However I am surprised that Linksys puts out products like this with the lack of good support. I use a lot of their products and for the most part in the SOHO work place they perform well. So I have not tested the new f/w release. I am concerned about all the talk of problems with these routers and I don't want to bring my customer down. Does anybody have these routers in a production situation with the new f/w yet?

    Thanks Stocks101
  7. rduval

    rduval Network Guru Member

    I bought one to replace an RV042 because we went to VOIP in the office and the LInksys website claims it's QOS optimized for voip and multimedia and it's compatible with all other Linksys VPN routers.

    Bull! I can't even get it to talk to the other RV042. The RV042's have been talking to each other for 2 years. THe setup is identical, the settings are identical but the RVS4000 will not connect.

    And the QOS? From what I have been able to tell you can't prioritize traffice by IP or MAC and I don't understand some of their other terminologies regarding QOS. I just want to prioritize VOIP... that shouldn't be brain surgery.

    Wish I'd never bought this brick but it's too late to return now.
  8. levelup2

    levelup2 Addicted to LI Member

    is really useful for me, I am glad to read it here.
  9. rduval

    rduval Network Guru Member

    As a follow up... After WEEKS of discussions with Linksys and finally getting to top level support in the US, they CAN NOT MAKE QOS WORK PROPERLY. THey admit, it will not support voip properly as they state.

    They agreed to contact the company I bought it from and arrange for them to take it back (because it's been months). Big surprise... They haven't done it, despite multiple phone calls and emails.

    I give up, I now have a $150 brick and wasted dozens of hours of my time.

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