Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by rainerigs, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. rainerigs

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    I came home from work yesterday and my family informed me that the network was down. Performing no more maintenance than flashing an upgrade occasionally, this router has been working flawlessly 24/7/365 for more than a year without any major problems. Taking a quick look at my trusty old WRT54G Ver.1 I realized that it was sitting there without power. After verifying that it did indeed have power and that the AC adapter and power cords were good, I let it set awhile and attempted to power it back up. Nothing I have tried has worked but I just can't bring myself to part with it. I have had this router for about three years and it was responsible for not only my interest in networking, but also the inspiration that sent me back to school to get a number of certifications, but also to complete my degree in comptuter science.
    I remember the first day I discovered this site and loaded Freya on my Ver. 1. A whole new world opened to me. Not stopping there I soon discovered Satori and eventually Alchemy. This router has ran various versions of Alchemy for over a year, along with it's brother via WDS a Ver. 2.
    You can see how fond I am of this wonderful little piece of gear, is there anyone with any ideas I can use to possibly resurrect it from the dead? Each day I look at its dark face I feel so sad. Thank you ahead of time to anyone that can help! :)
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  3. gotamd

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    I think he's not getting any power at all, so he can't really try reflashing the router. It's probably a hardware problem, not firmware.
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    in that case then i dont see way to get it back in working condidtion. :sadbye: well sorry dude.
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    Thanks for the help so far, but this is strictly a power supply problem. If I could somehow restore power to the unit I am sure it would work again. Any suggestions?
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  7. jagboy

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    did the link help?? i guess the poster in the thread i gave a link to is having the same problems as you are.
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    The 3 year warranty
  9. beatgr

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    Don't give up YET

    rainreigs -

    Don't give up the ship yet !
    I was very fortunate to be in high school in early 1970s (my electronics elective) so I started with hardware and the firmware / software (assembler) for ICs was just beginning.

    1. Most likely fault is NOT your router - its the WAL-WART power supply that powers the router. VERY COMMON PROBLEM - power surges, electrical storms can toast some of these units (as well as power company voltage surges due to the heavy power demands this summer)

    2. If you had a DVM/VOM (cheap ones less than $10 many places) -- I could have you test for voltage.

    3. Linksys regularly replaces these power supplies AND if you are still within warranty period - will do this for FREE !

    As you can see from the inside of the router - there are very FEW power supply components (only one TO-220 power transistor)

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