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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kagehi, May 29, 2007.

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    A while back I concluded that there is *one* really good thing about dialup what doesn't exist with always on systems. Always on systems do not let you "disconnect" them all that easily. So, I thought, why the heck don't they make firewalls, etc., so you could block access, with the ability to selectively turn certain things off/on. Today I went looking to see if someone had done something like that. This page is real close:

    But, while DMZ on/off is neat, its a bit more dangerous than I like and not as complete as I would like either. Looking at my router settings though I see a page for internet filtering. I.e., a way to "prevent" a machine on the network accessing it at all.

    Now. I am using XP, soon both machines will have it. I would like to use something like AutoIt:

    to set it up, which I assume might be able to do what I want. Then I could, with a single click on an icon, disable the connection, i.e., set the router to prevent that machine from accessing the net (or being accessed), enable it, or if I want to live dangerously, even DMZ the system or turn that off. In other words, I want the same, "I am not using the internet right now, so do *not* allow anything on my machine out or in, over the internet.", result you get with simply disconnecting from your ISP when on dialup, but *without* losing the actual connection or having the reconnect to the service.

    Seems to me, if you want your system to be safe, the best way to do so is not have it talking to the internet, save when you are actually using it to do that, and vice versa. The flaw in most systems is, imho, that neither routers, nor firewalls, really support a simply, "right click -> Disable connectivity" feature for keeping you 99.9% secure by just not letting anything in or out when you are not using it. They both tend to assume that if you *are* connected, you want to stay that way, and that any changes you want to make are ones you want active 100% of the time. Well, not without actually turning off the physical machine, which just screws you a different way, like if you run long processes where you can't do that.

    So, anyone tried to do something like this and know how? I only understand about half of what the linux script for DMZ does on the page above and even less idea how/if you can add/remove systems from the router's internet filters as a means to do what I want. Mind you, just some way to tell Window's dumb firewall to "close everything down" when I don't want to use it, would also have that effect, but I don't think firewalls tend to support that directly either.
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