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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by wonderwall, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. wonderwall

    wonderwall Network Guru Member

    I´ve got to tell you guys; I´ve been looking for it so much; and at the end ... I think I´m very close to it; but who Knows....

    I´ll explain you. I´ve just bought a WMP54G adapter from Linksys; but I didn´t read all the specifications; mainly hardware specifications. They are the following:

    Minimum Requirements needed in WMP54G v.2 to work with my PC.

    • 200MHz or Faster Processor
    • 64 MB of RAM
    • Available PCI Slot
    • CD-ROM Drive
    • Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, or XP

    I´ve found some stuff that includes the following; WMP54GS needs 300 Mhz al least and 128 MB of RAM;
    and people who recommends :
    • These PCIs should be the 2.1 model and be supported by your PC BIOS.
    • The virus scanning in your PC BIOS must be disabled.
    • This adapter should work in the Win98SE machine, the problem would need to be resolved at the motherboard bios level. Disabling "Byte Merge" in the motherboard BIOS will do the trick!
    It controls the feature for frame buffer cycles. When Enabled, the controller checks the eight CPU Byte Enable signals to determine if data bytes read from the PCI bus by the CPU can be merged.
    • Make sure that the router verification is set for "Auto" rather than "Shared Key", which will result in the same "no signal" problem.

    Note: It´s very important to meet all of these specifications to associate your adapter to your AP. (very important: first you must install your adapter´s software and then the adapter in your PCI 2.1 slot; after this there should not be IRQ conflicts)

    In my case; I´d like to associate my WMP54G v.2 adapter to my WRT54G AP in my old desktop PC .
    It works fine with my notebook in channel 11. Linksys recommends channels 1,6 or 11 to work with.

    It´s right now perfectly installed on my PC but I can´t get association with my AP; although I´m operating with W98SE; I´ve installed it in a 2.1 PCI slot, virus detection is disabled on my BIOS PC and there´s no IRQ conflicts (my adapter uses IRQ 9) .
    So the problem must be that I´ve got a 2A5IAE12-00 Elitegroup (ECS) SI54P AIO mainboard; an old one, it´s from 94 year ; it´s an AWARD BIOS and can be updated. It uses a 166 Mhz processor from Pentium with the following specifications:

    sSpec# SL24R
    CPU Speed 166.00 MHz
    Bus Speed 66 MHz
    Stepping cC0
    Package Type Socket 5/7

    ; I should overlock it (is it worthy???; can anyone from intel help me :wink: ) to meet 200 Mhz requirements;and I should resize my 32 MB RAM to 64 MB at least to meet this requirement; and look for this byte merge in my PC BIOS.
    After all these; all should work fine. My connection to internet through my AP via a DSL modem from D-link works fine in my notebook. It meets all the requirements. It works with my XP Pro firewall activated in channel 11. Finally I should say my AP works in a mixed mode as a DHCP Server and a gateway to my DSL modem and it has its own firewall activated.

    That´s all. Do you think I should meet al these requirements first; change the channel I´m operating with; or just give my adapter back and use another one 8) 8) ???

    I hope this should help you.

    Thank you; for your replies guys.
  2. trichopsis

    trichopsis Network Guru Member

    Hi wonderwall,
    hi everyone.

    Can you solve your Problem with the WMP54G and your aged Windows98SE PC?

    Yesterday, I try quite the same. After succesfull starting with WAP54G and HyperWap with our PIV and my Notebook, I wanna use WLAN with our third PC (PII/233Mhz/Win98SE). I installed the Software, pluged in the WMP54G Card in a free PCI-Slot and - Windows will not start anymore.... The System grows up but in the End, just if the Desktop occurs and all icons are build - yet the linksys software icon in SysTray- the system freezes.

    When I run the PC in SafeMode ( F8 ) I can see the installed Adapter - there are noch Questionmarks. I can change IP adresses etc. in the networksettings. But I can´t run the Linksys Software - failurer: Can´t load XYZ.dll and the Network Adapter WMP54G does not run, no connection to my Accesspoint...

    There was not enough time yesterday to try a second installation or another PCI slot - but maybe that is waste time - when you tell me that there is no possibility to run WMP54G with Win98SE... but on the other hand someone maybe make me some suggestion to solve my/our problem.

    I´m looking forward to your answers
    have a nice day

  3. wonderwall

    wonderwall Network Guru Member

    Have a look at this

    Please have a look at this

    That helps me a lot :lol:
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