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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by zong, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. zong

    zong Serious Server Member

    sorry this known stuff -however I see different ways to configure without understanding what is best.
    Actually I have Tomato based router (Cisco3200 -shibby) behind a cable modem.
    I need to connect to DSL-line to an Fritz-box Router (including dsl modem). Provider is not allowing to "dsl modem -ony mode".

    I understood from older post (toastman) to configure the tomato router behind the "primary" as ACCESSPOINT without DHCP.

    What I want is to USE some "known tomato functionlity" such as ACCESS RESTRICTION, VPN tunneling, dnsmasq blocked traffic - and also to connect WLAN and LAN clients.
    If possible also the VLAN (br1) -meaning Multible SSID.

    here the question...
    1) under Network WAN/Internet
    a) disable --> "see"
    b) static

    if I choose "static" - I can not define a "gateway" -(for primary router)

    if I choose "disable" - with bride WAN to LAN. --> will this give me ONE MORE free port to connect "clients", as I use the WAN(Internet) port to be connected to primary router

    2) what to fill/configure in the LAN section (beside disable DHCP) to allow VLAN on the seconary router. (for guest LAN) -should not have access to the other network addresses.
  2. Malitiacurt

    Malitiacurt Networkin' Nut Member

    First get a basic AP up and running for your main network.

    Choose 'Disabled' and check off 'Bridge WAN port to primary LAN'. Choose an IP address for this AP that's on the subnet of your main network, fill in netmask, disable DHCP. Finally under 'Default Gateway' put the IP of your main router here. Rest can be blank/defaults.

    Later add the guest network on the AP. This second part is a bit more advanced and someone recently posted doing this.

    ~Edit: Just re-read your post. I don't think you can do some firewall/access restriction rules on the AP, maybe other things like VPN will work.
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  3. zong

    zong Serious Server Member

    understood. So why not "bridge to Wan to Lan1" ?
    Do you think I can use an independent DNS in "secondary router" ?
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