Segmentation Fault on Radius query

Discussion in 'TinyPEAP Firmware' started by eNGinE, May 4, 2005.

  1. eNGinE

    eNGinE Network Guru Member


    I recently installed TinyPEAP on my WRT54GS v1.0

    I can config, start, ect. the the Router and peapd without Problems.
    But once i make a Radius query I get a Segmentation Fault, and peapd terminates.

    Here is a screen from the ssh:
    (none):[/]# peapd run
    end of db_read_file
    DEBUG: config_db:
    end of db_read_file
    DEBUG: user_db:
    DEBUG: radius password: password
    ---Wireless Authenticator v2---
    Listening on, UDP port 1812

    ---Received Packet---
    Packet Size: 28
    Code: 12
    Ident: 8
    Length: 28

    TIMESTAMP: 1115214201.564317
    Segmentation fault

    I also tried the Windows Version of peapd, but it crashes likewise.

    Radius Request Type (Status Server/Auth Request/Acc Start/Acc Stop) doesn't matter; always the same result. :-(

    Tested with 'NTRadPing Test Utility'. Download here

    Any Ideas???

  2. eNGinE

    eNGinE Network Guru Member

    btw. defining a specific IP/Interface doesn't change anything either.

    Used Versions are TinyPEAP Beta2.13 for WRT54GS, and PEAPD Beta1 for Windows.
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