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Senior Needs Help: Router & Print Server

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by drgrafix, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. drgrafix

    drgrafix LI Guru Member


    New to this board, and I'm hoping someone will help a senior in distress. Here's my setup: I have Comcast cable, and broadband access. I'm using a Toshiba PCX 1100U cable modem, and my router is a Linksys WRT54G with firmware UG about 3 months agao... and then there's my LinkSys EPSK3 3-Port Print Server. In the house we have two wired PCs (using LinkSys 10/100 PCI cards), and one IBM Thinkpad with a built-in wireless card. I would really like to be able to print to either of the printers from any of the PCs/notebook, but I seem to have other reoccuring problems.

    My Problems:

    Broadband... every once in a while, I seem to "lose" my broadband connection. Usually, if I power down everything (PCs, modem, router, etc.) and wait a few minutes, then power up... I get back online. Sometimes I have to just remove the power to the modem/router. Is this normal? I'm tempted to yank the Toshiba and replace the two units with a LinkSys WCG200 but not looking forward to spending yet more money on networking than I already have.

    Print Server... for whatever reason, I can't seem to keep one (or two) printers working for more than a couple of days at best with the print server. My primary printer is a HP LaserJet 5P and it usually works like a charm. My secondary printer is a wide-body HP DeskJet 1220C. This is always the first to go... then usually I lose the laserjet shortly thereafter. In the port settings, SCECD291_P1 is the printer port for the deskjet and SCECD291_P2 is the port for the laserjet. On the print server, the color printer is hooked up to P2 and the laserjet is hooked up to P1. Sounds weird, and I don't know what caused that sequence, but it _was_ working.

    Because of the two integrated issues, I didn't know where to start here, so if this post has to be moved, please put it in the right place. And thanks in advance for any/all help.

  2. rexmysterio

    rexmysterio LI Guru Member

    What is the hardware version of your WRT54G?
  3. drgrafix

    drgrafix LI Guru Member

    It's a Version 2.
  4. drgrafix

    drgrafix LI Guru Member

    Bump... help anyone?:confused:

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